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Daily Bullets (May 19): Goodbye to Allie P. vs. Goodbye to Lewis Field



Props to the Cowgirls for pushing through to the Supers – no hope for Rickie (-1) to catch Brooks Koepka in the PGA Championship today.

Bullets Rundown

• Big 12 baseball regular season concludes
• Allie P. vs. Lewis Field goodbyes
• Shane Illingworth pro comparison


• SB: Cowgirls 2, Tulsa 1

OSU Bullets

• Good news, bad news. Good news – OSU likely did enough to host a regional taking two from Baylor. Bad news, Texas Tech got the Big 12 title.

The Cowboys’ regular season finale, originally scheduled for Saturday at 6 p.m. but moved up to 2:05 p.m. for weather concerns, has been cancelled due to the heavy amount of rain that fell Friday night and Saturday morning, making the field unplayable.

With the Big 12 Tournament scheduled to get underway on Wednesday, there was not ample time to reschedule Game 3 of Oklahoma State’s series against Baylor. The Cowboys took Games 1 and 2, 16-4 on Thursday and 5-4 on Friday. [PFB]

The rain probably saved Baylor’s second-place spot as they finish a half-game ahead of the Pokes in the regular season.

• The Tulsa World’s Bill Haisten had an interesting point comparing the goodbye to Allie P. Reynolds Stadium to that given to Lewis Field. 

During the process that resulted in the complete makeover of Boone Pickens Stadium, exactly no one expressed affection for the Cowboys’ former football home, Lewis Field, which had been a dull eyesore.

This baseball situation is completely different. Cowboy fans can’t wait to experience the new park while they celebrate the tradition of Allie P.

“When you’ve been here for as many days in your life as I have, (the memory of) this place will never leave,” Josh Holliday said.  [TulsaWorld]

• New QB commit Shane Illingworth had an NFL-comp for Cowboy fans to understand his game by. 

As he detailed his style of play, new Oklahoma State quarterback commitment Shane Illingworth offered up a name Cowboy fans can relate to.

Ben Roethlisberger. [NewsOK]

If we’re to see a college football video game, there has to be a major breakthrough in one vague area.

The entire process would become far more efficient if all college football players belonged to an organization with the power to negotiate on their behalf. And therein would reside true power, legal and political.

While efforts to unionize college athletes have failed, nothing prevents them from forming a group that would have the power to advance their interests and to negotiate collective marketing rights with EA and anyone else who wants to use their names, likeness, and images on a widespread basis. That group also could try to secure better terms for players with the NFL, even if it would have no specific bargaining power with respect to the labor deal. [Yahoo Sports]

One main group would be ideal but I’m not sure why talking with the dozen(ish) conferences in FBS would be that difficult though.

• Little Gundy got his first division one offer.

• Just a couple of Stillwater’s finest.

Non-OSU Bullets

• PSA: how to use Google Maps to mark your parking spot

• Why some people who stand to benefit from it are dropping Twitter – I’m not sold that you have to drop social media but I’m all for refining it for it’s best purposes (exchange of ideas, positive engagement)

Solid commentary on NBA lottery reform – including why nobody should be surprised the Knicks didn’t get the top spot

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