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Daily Bullets (Nov 8) – Prototype “Stillwater Guy”, Dez Heads to the Bayou



Mr. Stillwater

When you think about who really seems like “an OSU guy” a few came to my mind: guys like Bryant Reeves, Rashaun Woods, and James Washington. Hard workers that flourished under good coaching and years of developing. But I’d say that Taylor Cornelius fits the “Stillwater” model as well. Especially when you compare him to his Bedlam-counterpart.

The other Bedlam quarterback (Taylor Cornelius) is a pure athlete as well, but you have to squint to see it and you are surprised when you do. You had to squint to see him in high school because he played Class 2A ball in the West Texas prairie town of Bushland. He decided to walk on at Oklahoma State, and when he did you weren’t sure you’d ever see him again.

Well, here he is. There isn’t a speck of confetti around Taylor Cornelius as he arrives at Bedlam, and even if there was, this unassuming, ball-capped kid from the country would swat it away.

This is his moment just the same. After watching Mason Rudolph and J.W. Walsh for four years, Cornelius gets his one and only shot at the most important game on the schedule. [TulsaWorld]

College football is a meritocracy – you don’t earn a spot because of loyalty or biology (with apologies to the Simmons era), you earn it because you’ll do the best job. But it’s fun when somebody waits their turn and merits the job. It’s fun to pull for the underdog and watching an unrated recruit work to outduel a five-star certainly feels like a Bedlam-esque situation.

Lunt dove into comparing 2016 (Rudolph as a junior) to 2018 season – the quarterback numbers seem to validate Cornelius playing.

Deztination: Super Bowl

OSU fans will enjoy seeing Dez Bryant back out on the field. Don’t be surprised if he’s playing deep into the winter.

Led by that star-powered triumvirate (Drew Brees, Alvin Kamara, and Michael Thomas), the Saints’ offense currently ranks seventh in the league in yards per game, second in points per game and second in offensive expected points added (EPA) per contest. (And it’s anybody’s guess how much higher it will soar with new WR pickup Dez Bryant on board.) But the Saints’ undoing might be their backslide on defense, where they’ve fallen from a surprising 16th in defensive EPA last season to 29th this year. [538]

Has Dez been a secondary threat since he was a freshman and Adarius Bowman was a senior? What an opportunity to see what No. 88 can do in single coverage. Dez looks great in black and gold.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Neat story about some of Chris Carson’s philanthropic acts in Seattle….Per Tuesday’s rankings, the Big 12 has a good chance of getting into the Playoff….HCS had some good ideas for the new Kansas head coach (let’s get a Monken back into the league)….Cowgirl Basketball headed for a youth movement….Unreal (in a terrible way) story about two LSU fans who beat an Alabama fan to death last weekend

This is a really good looking student shirt, very nice.

Hovland lands the golfer of the month award.

It’s sounding like lots of defensive promise for Likele.

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