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Daily Bullets (Oct 23) – Justice By Ground or By Air, More To Come on HoCo Uniforms



More Justice

While the chorus of “give Justice the ball” could solve plenty of issues, there are multiple verses to the song. Passing the ball to Justice Hill could be one of the best things to happen to this stagnating offense.

Frankly, tossing Hill the ball could solve myriad issues.

•Hill would get to operate more often in open space. He is shifty and elusive, not battering and punishing, and with an offensive line that hasn’t blocked consistently and a passing attack that hasn’t commanded as much attention from defenses as years past, finding room to run after taking a hand-off in the backfield has often been darn near impossible.

•Short passes to Hill would get the ball out of the quarterback’s hands quicker. Again, those offensive line woes could be mitigated a bit with short-but-quick passes.

•Cornelius has been hit and miss on the deep ball, but when dinking and dumping, he’s been solid. Throwing more short and intermediate passes to Hill would play to the quarterback’s strengths. [NewsOK]

Playing to Cornelius’ strengths and getting the ball out of his hands quickly is just as helpful as getting the ball into the hands of your most prolific playmaker.

Heritage Threads

While news of the throwback uniforms spread like wildfire yesterday, the surprises don’t appear to stop there.

Williams expects that jolt of excitement to last throughout the week. He thanked coach Mike Gundy; athletic director Mike Holder; deputy athletic director Chad Weiberg; OSU’s communications staff; fellow equipment staff members Len Magby and Matt Hoelting; their student staff; and Nike representatives Greg Young, Brandon McLemore and Brad Sieveke for not only helping to bring the uniforms and the announcement together, but also keeping them quiet. He thanked Sanders, too.

Williams’ staff prides itself on secrecy, so he wouldn’t expand when he said more news was to come.

“This is gonna be a weeklong deal, and there’s gonna be more to this,” he said. “This is the start, but it’s gonna be a fun week for homecoming. I think there’s more surprises to be had.” [NewsOK]

More impactful – Barry starting in the backfield on the wrong side of age 40 or the Josh Henson having his choice of the War Pigs?

OSU and NCAA Notes

Player compensation lawsuit could spin a new round of conference realignment….Get your OSU Barry Sanders jersey for $100….Ugliest uniforms worn by Power Five football teams….Texas’ QB appears to be uncertain about status going into OSU game

Ain’t just Spencer’s mama who wants him to play, Mike.

Woof – rough day in Funky Town.

This was one of the crazier endings in CFB lately.

Tech now has trademarks on southwestern mascots involving guns, prolific offenses, awful uniforms, and throwback uniforms.

Homecoming is hard for some, a neat setup here to remember.

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