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Daily Bullets (October 1)



An “It” Guy

Vying to replace Mason Rudolph will (most likely) be four-star recruit Spencer Sanders out of Denton Ryan – and he’s got “it”.

So, when (Sanders’ high school coach Dave) Henigan says he thinks Sanders could play early at OSU, he means be the starter.

“He’s got ‘It,’” Henigan said. “Everybody’s looking for ‘It’ in a quarterback, and he’s got ‘It.’ That leads me to believe that he’ll be in the mix. Now, whether he gets that job as a true freshman, we’ll have to see.

“But I have a hard time believing that he won’t be in the mix to compete for the job, and maybe win it, as a true freshman.” [NewsOK]

I love Sanders’ pedigree – winning at a big time high school, leadership qualities, dual-threat. You love to throw guys like that into the mix to replace a campus legend.

Underwood Weighs In

The man with a thousand dream jobs had some thoughts on the college basketball scandals of late.

“There’s problems, or perceived problems, in a lot of different sports,” Underwood said. “I still think we’ve got the greatest sport going. Maybe there’s a speed bump along the way and some changes need to occur, but … basketball is strong.

“These players are showing up, not just at our university but every university, and working their tails off to have a great season. That’s what the focus in this gym is on. We’ll see where the rest of it goes.” [NewsOK]

If there’s a market for a product – it’ll surface. College basketball appears to be more crooked than a mayoral election but it’s more of an indictment on “amateur athletics” than the sport in general.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Tech win by the numbers – most impressed with the stops….Tram calls Mason the Marlboro Man….OSU/Tech was one of five playoff-shaping games this weekend….Mason Rudolph at No. 25 on Mel’s Big Board (Insider $$$)….Rickie tees off at 2:05pm today in the Presidents Cup….That Ateman catch in the fourth was insane

The scramble that could.

Joel knows.

PAC-12 After Dark living true to its name on Saturday morning.

Cross Country got the W at the OSU event.

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