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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets (October 1)



Before we begin, here is an unbelievable photo of Boone Pickens Stadium. (PFB)

Prepping for KSU

Bill Snyder says QB1 and QB2 can do the same things for OSU … hmmm. (PFB)

The line moved almost five points in under 48 hours. (PFB)

Three things to look for against Kansas State this weekend. (PFB)

S&P takes the Cats. (SB Nation)

Kansas State blogger: “The running game was simply not working, the offensive line looked really bad, and the receivers couldn’t catch Ebola in Liberia.” (CRFF)

Funning the footbawl

It doesn’t really matter if you think OSU is good or bad at running the ball. That’s what they’re going to do. (PFB)

Bill Haisten gives a good overview of OSU’s run woes. (Tulsa World)

For Oklahoma State, the plan hasn’t changed and Texas is probably an anomaly. (PFB)

Football news

Great Ryan Simmons quote here on the Austin heat: “It was ridiculous. I was cotton-mouthed the whole game. My lips were so dry. The sun was constantly beaming on my lips, and I’m constantly trying to bring saliva. (NewsOK)

Two stats that show why OSU runs the sometimes frustrating offense it does. (PFB)

Here’s a quote from Mike Yurcich that I’m sure will be well-received: “You have to resist any temptation to get conservative, although at times that becomes challenging to do that. We felt like we were establishing the line of scrimmage and we were having some successful runs at times. We felt like we were really close to breaking through and that it was a matter of time.” (NewsOK)

Oklahoma State has benefitted from fast starts and strong finishes in winning its first four games. The Cowboys have outscored their opponents 44-9 in the first quarter and 53-7 in the fourth. (Big 12)

I thoroughly enjoyed this Ashton Lampkin mini Q&A. (okstate)

Here’s the Texas-OSU advanced box. Got a little dicey there at the beginning of the fourth. (SB Nation)

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 7.50.25 AM

Around the country

Interesting look at which teams have played the most 11 a.m. games. (NewsOK)

Herschel Walker says Leonard Fournette is better than he was. (CBS)

Hahaha, A&M wants Texas back on the calendar to make its schedule easier. (LGG)

Recruiting news

Three important visitors will be in Stillwater this weekend. (PFB)

An offensive wish list for 2016 recruiting. (PFB)

Pistols Firing news

OSU looks for just 11th 5-0 start in 114-year history. (PFB)

OSU is selling Dez Bryant and Brandon Weeden Legos. (PFB)

Other sports

So much #FIGJAM going on here with this Johny Hendricks interview and finger-biting story. (ESPN)

When you realize tomorrow is Friday.

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