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Daily Bullets (October 15)



Football news

Ryan Simmons was snapchatting guys on the OSU team what they did wrong during the game on Saturday. What. A. World. (NewsOK)

Mike Gundy on the bye week: “We’ll practice on Wednesday and then we’ll practice an hour and 10 minutes on Thursday morning. These guys need some time off and we’re going to make sure we give it to them. We’ve been going hard since fall camp and played six straight games. We can come back and make it through to the end and then they will get some time before the bowl game.” (Go Pokes)

The Cowboys have played Texas, K-State and West Virginia. So they haven’t played the rumdums or the powerhouses. But either way, OSU has got to score more than two points per possession. (NewsOK)

Cool event at BPS showing how OSU spent part of its bye week. (okstate)

I want Mike Gundy and Steve Spurrier to have a podcast together. (NewsOK)

Good breakdown here of OSU’s overtime plays. (CRFF)

How long can OSU lean on two QBs in the run game? (ESPN)

You’re not going to believe this but Jeremy Seaton is going to use the bye week to go hunting. (NewsOK)

Around the country

Mason Rudolph had the worst Week 6 QB performance of anyone in the Big 12. (LGG)

Spurrier to GameDay? Locked in. (Yahoo)

Kansas State and Stanford will play each other. Total passes: single digits. (LGG)

Hoops news

I cannot believe it’s already almost hoops season. Also, if this isn’t the opening game starting lineup, I’ll be shocked. (CRFF)

Jeff Newberry and Delino DeShields are boys. (okstate)

Oklahoma State basketball player Anthony Hubert Allen Jr. pleaded guilty to one count of unlawful possession of marijuana on Monday. (O’Colly)

Pistols Firing

Brandon Weeden is “pissed” about losing the starting job in Dallas. (PFB)

Is Mike Gundy’s $3.65 million deal a good one? (PFB)

Yeah, Mike Gundy is going nowhere. (PFB)

OSU’s sack numbers this year, even when normalized, are incredibly impressive. (PFB)

The Oklahoma State offense hasn’t been as bad as everyone thinks. (PFB)

What is the recruiting philosophy behind why the offense seems poor? (PFB)

The top five Emmanuel Ogbah comps. This is so good. (PFB)

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