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Daily Bullets (October 19)



Stillwater Smart

Mike Gundy is as Pat Jones says: “dumb like a fox”.

“He thinks through everything he does, and he’s so innovative here. Offensively, the things they did back in 2010-11, the start of the diamond formation, that spread like wildfire. What he decided to do in terms of conditioning and deciding that hitting during the season, having full-bore scrimmages and tackling a lot, was counter-productive. People thought that was nuts! Now everybody does it.”

The list of innovative ideas is long, and Hunziker knows them all. “But again, people think, ‘Oh, it’s all about the mullet. It’s all about rattlesnake hunting.’ In the meantime, he’s figured out four new ways to do things a lot of people haven’t even thought about yet.” [SB Nation]

Gundy’s innovative nature is starting to shine in the appropriate light as it should. Who else could take a mid-tier Big 12 program and consistently win ten games a year? A thought leader (with a new stadium) is the correct answer.

BFF’s… Sort of

Lost in all the publicly-perceived conflict of the Oklahoma (heads of) State power players is a fact that can’t be denied: Holder is much to blame for Gundy getting the requisite time.

“Now, once we kind of accomplished it and I got my second contract, I started to look back and think, ‘Man, I’m glad I wasn’t very smart.’ This is really hard. What I had the first three years here was, our athletic director, Mike Holder, he never wavered for one second. Any time something got brought up, he said ‘He’s the right guy, he’s our coach, end of story.’”

Holder is what you might call a coach’s AD. That makes sense considering he was a coach to begin with. Giving his charges room to breathe and running cover for them has paid off more often than not. [SB Nation]

I can’t speak to the aggregate but waiting through initial seasons of growing pains – the guy did get better or equal every year until 2012 – was undoubtedly a super wise decision.

OSU and NCAA Notes

These nightmare CFB playoff scenarios are incredible….SportsOnEarth did a solid mid-season awards piece….Ranking the Power Conferences by entertainment value….Tony Allen’s goodbye to Memphis is all the NBA is supposed to be….Fun college football podcast here from The Ringer

Rickie is rapidly becoming one of Stillwater’s favorite sons.

Love these 11am road kickoffs.

Smart got the start in place of the injured Gordon Hayward last night.

Fun to see the Pokes doing some barnstorming with local, open practices.

Can’t wait for this to get rolling.

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Gosh I’m excited about this tonight. Carmelo in single coverage!

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