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Six-Shooter: Rodarius Williams Talks Senior Pranks, Favorite Cereal



When Rodarius Williams speaks, it’s clear where he is from.

Williams, a redshirt freshman cornerback, went to Calvary Baptist School in Shreveport, Louisiana. His twang is legit, and so far in 2017, his play has matched.

He was thrust into a starting role this season, alongside sophomore A.J. Green. Although they have bent, they haven’t broken yet. I wanted to give Williams another test.

Here is Rodarius Williams in the Six-Shooter.

All right, I got some heavy-hitting questions for you. Here is the meanest question I got for you. Favorite cereal?

“I’ma have to go with Cap’n Crunch. I’ll go with the original.”

If you had one last meal, what would it be?

“It would definitely be shrimp fettuccine. It’s my favorite go-to meal. I go to Olive Garden all the time.”


“It’s just more of a Louisiana thing I can get from Stillwater.”

First of all, he said that answer in about 0.05 seconds. Secondly, this is all I could think about when he said it.

Favorite Movie?

“I’ll go with Supermaaan.”

Really? That’s a guy that kinda gets a bad rep among super heroes.

“Nah, he straight.”

Badge or brand?

“I like this one.” *Points to badge on his shirt*

Brand is dead.

If you had to pick one uniform combination, what would it be?

“I like all white. I’m down to go all white this season. It just shows better to me. I just like white.”

If you got one high school memory, what would it be?

“I would say my senior prank.”

What was it?

“We stole a golf cart. We raked the campus, did dumb stuff.”

I’m not sure what that means.

Did you spearhead that? Did you lead the way?

“My friends led the way. I was just involved.”

I don’t think there is a more smiley guy on the OSU roster.

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