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Six-Shooter: Britton Abbott Would Bring Back Abe Lincoln if he Could



Welcome to the Six-Shooter, a weekly segment with an Oklahoma State athlete where we ask six random, non-sports-related questions to get to know these athletes a bit better.

If you have watched the Oklahoma State football games this year, at some point, you’ve probably wondered who that white No. 41 kid is.

He has a name, it’s Britton Abbot, and he was actually put on scholarship this season. So because he is a relative unknown piece to a Cowboy offense he is very much a part of, Abbott was a perfect candidate to get to know.

Here is Britton Abbott in the Six-Shooter.

What is your stance on this whole J.J. Watt deal, him raising millions in relief of Hurricane Harvey in Houston?

“I think it’s just kinda a test to who he is as a person. He’s more than a football player.

“He’s one of those guys that I’ve always looked up to. He’s got all the talent, the size, but what really sets him apart is just how he handles himself. He does all the things to get ready to play the game, and then he goes out and makes a difference in the lives of millions.”

What’s your favorite animal, or if you had to be an animal, what animal would you be?

“I’d probably be like a dog or a cat. Probably as a dog.”

Why? (I laughed at how stereotypical that answer was.)

“My brothers, we would always say that we’re a bunch of dogs. They’re loyal.”

Kids someday?

“As of now, no. No, sir.”

(He smiled real big and laughed a lot at that.)

Do you have a stance on the whole Kaepernick deal?

“I respect his ability to say what he wants and protest, but I think he should probably do it a little differently. I mean because people died for that flag, so I probably think that he should do it in a different way. I probably wouldn’t put him on my team, but the talent is there.”

Let’s say you get a magic power where you can bring anyone back to life, who would you bring back? Famous, family-related, anyone.

“I would probably go with Lincoln. I would probably bring back Abe Lincoln.”


“Just what he did for the country and just his leadership. He would be a cool guy to be around.”

Favorite movie?

“Have you seen the movie ‘Cindarella Man’? I watched that lately. It’s a boxing movie. It’s kinda like a history movie, but it’s a great flick, and it’s probably my favorite movie right now that I’ve seen recently.”

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