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Daily Bullets: ‘Oklahoma State has some pretty good players’

Daxx talks, how OSU’s first rounders have fared, and Pau to the Thunder?



Pretty light schedule on PFB the next two days. Congrats to the Weedens and appreciate the shout out.


This on scheduling fascinates me for a number of reasons. I appreciate how honest OSU is about how difficult it is. (okstate)

Calvin Barnett: “I’m trying to make a name for myself and the school. And he’s trying to do the same thing. And they’re looking at us saying Oklahoma State has some pretty good players.” (News 6)

It’s not that I think the OU uniforms are that bad (they aren’t). It’s that OU has one of the five best unis in college football and I’m [steps on Clint Eastwood front-porch soapbox] annoyed that kids don’t appreciate that. (Dallas Morning News)

Some pretty deep stuff here on how Daxx got to Stillwater. (okstate)

This is my favorite type of transferring excuse: “College Station is just too far, and I wanted to be closer.” WACO AND COLLEGE STATION ARE 91.8 MILES APART! (Yahoo)

Huh? Have the Cowboys peaked? Has Gundy begun his farewell tour? Our guess is probably. (Tulsa World)


How OSU’s first round picks have fared. (Tulsa World)


I’m excited about Jon Littell’s career. Next year should be fun. (O’Colly)

According to researchers at Indiana and Hong Kong Oklahoma is the 11th most corrupt state. That sounds like the beginning of a bad joke/story. (Fox)

How to get Pau on the Thunder and Perk off the Thunder. (Daily Thunder)

Belgium’s shot map is insane. (Deadspin)

This looks cool.


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