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Daily Bullets: OSU has spent $165K on the SI investigation

But that’s really the only new news. Also, can Rickie Fowler win The Open?




This is not new news. It’s been happening for over 10 months. (ESPN)

Really, it has. (PFB)

OSU has spent $165K investigating itself. Can that be expensed to Time Inc. or no? (Tulsa World)

Why are so many outlets acting like this is new information? (News Star)

OU-Michigan in a decade. That’s cool but a heck of a long time to wait for it. (ESPN)

This diary of SEC media days is awesome. Hope somebody does this for Big 12 media days. (CBS Sports)

ESPN is going through the Big 12 season week by week. OSU should roll in week 2. (ESPN)

It is also ranking the top 75 Big 12 games of the year. (ESPN)

Is No. 37 a good spot for OSU? Lindy’s thinks so. (Lindy’s)

This is interesting: ESPN does percentage chance each Big 12 team wins the Big 12. OSU comes in third. (ESPN)

Here’s the new college football trophy. It’s not terrible but it’s not great either. (Yahoo)

Duke’s new unis are…all right. (Yahoo)

Is OSU reloading or rebuilding? Or both? (CRFF)

No OSU players on Ubben’s All-Big 12 ballot. What a punk. (Fox SW)

Kelly Hines won’t be covering OSU anymore which kind of sucks. (Tulsa World)


If Oak Tree gets a Ryder Cup…my gosh. (NewsOK)

Giancarlo Stanton is all of the insanity. This ball he hit last night! (Deadspin)

I have Rickie Fowler No. 4 on my list of golfers most likely to win The Open. (CBS Sports)

It’s in the valley of failure that we sow our seeds of success. (Explore)

LeBron tells the sports world exactly what it wants to hear. This is interesting. (Deadspin)

This is so cool.

That was pretty good.

They’re really good and this is going to be a blast.

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