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Daily Bullets: OSU hoops gets good news

Tyler Patmon projection, OSU falls to Horns, golf starts today, and where Marcus might end up.




OSU’s projected starters for next year have more than 40 fewer starts than the next least experienced team in the Big 12. (ESPN)

There is another thing about Patmon that is not dead. His NFL career. (CRFF)


How many times has this sentence been written in the Travis Ford Era? Oklahoma State’s basketball team needed a dose of good news. (NewsOK)

Amateur athletics! (CBS Sports)

I looked at where Marcus Smart might end up and where it would be best for him to end up. (PFB)


Holliday on on last rendition of Bedlam tonight: “I hope we have a good crowd. They’ve got a lot to play for and so do we. It’s kind of like playing that pick-up game against your good friends. You know their moves and you wonder if they are going to show that same move or come up with something else.” (Scout)

Seriously though, OSU and OU are playing a seven-game series this season. (NewsOK)

All the photos from last night. (Flickr)

Holliday on Texas: “So we faced two high-end pitchers. They played excellent defense and did enough on offense to get the win. Nothing to hang your head about.” (NewsOK)


Golf NCAAs start today. How good would a Bama-OSU final be? (NCAA)

Oh my gosh, this GIF of the Spurs and Thunder.. (Deadspin)

An ode to sleeping children. Vulgar but hilarious. (Deadspin)

I mean, is this even the question at this point? (Fox SW)

This is old but The Rejection of Myron Rolle is good. (SB Nation)

Really good read on intolerance and letting two opposing ideas co-exist. Via Rex Wolf. (Yahoo)

Cool interview with OSU’s equipment manager.

No Landycakes in the Cup.

I think I have an ‘F’ and a ‘U’.

Maybe the only human in North America who doesn’t know JFF.

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