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Daily Bullets: OU chasing OSU in stadium renovations

Markel worked out for MJ, nobody knows where Marcus will be taken, and Dez is just a misunderstood cat from Lufkin.




Justin Gilbert on his unsigned contract: “I really can’t speak on that. We really haven’t talked about it. My agent is still working on it. I know I’m one of the last in the league. I’m sure he’s trying to get the best deal.” (Morning Journal)

Did Jake Hubenak think he was going to get PT? (Scout)

Unnamed OU booster on OU’s proposed stadium renovation: “The frustrating thing, we’re behind in all these things. We see what it did for Oklahoma State. Went from the bottom of the Big 12 to fighting for the top, just because of nice facilities. That’s what it’s all about in this day and time.” (NewsOK)

Yeah, West Virginia is going to suck again. (Orlando Sentinel)

Bryant says he’s this misunderstood cat from Lufkin. He talks about his kids as if they were born yesterday and acts as if the Cowboys are the defending Super Bowl champs. (ESPN)

They may not be the most talented group that Florida State plays this year, but they will play toe-to-toe with them. (Tallahassee Democrat)

Here are all the new coaching salaries. Jason Ray makes some nice coin to coach inside receivers…my gosh. (Scout)

I do love that OU is being picked to win the Big 12 by pretty much everyone. That’s such a comfortable spot for us to be in. (ESPN)

Ranking the Big 12 QBs. Walsh, top five. (Fox SW)


Must read on Markel. He worked out in front of MJ and he was wearing….the Kobes (?!?) (Tulsa World)

Basically nobody has any clue where Marcus Smart is going to be taken. (NewsOK)

Oooh, I do like Markel going to the Suns, that would be outstanding. (CRFF)

Marcus is going to chat with fans on a Google Hangout during the NBA Draft. Ok. (NewsOK)

I guess I’d just be shocked if Smart went No. 3. (NJ)


What a quote here: When I chose Oklahoma State in 1995, I thought I understood what excellence was, but I had no idea. The inspiration in this program is unparalleled—from 1915 until today. I believed then and I believe it now that we are a product of our environment.” (O’Colly)

Chris Perry and Jenna Blumer are your student athletes of the year. Was holding out hope for Mason Cox. (okstate)

Woj gonna Woj. This is great. (Big Lead)

Berry on soccer. I agree with him on ties (I like them) and scoring (it’s high enough). (NewsOK)

Brian Phillips is embarrassingly good at writing about sports. (Grantland)

This on what Durant and LeBron are actually worth is awesome. Kevin Durant’s 17.59 WAR was worth $39.11 million, or just more than 18 Calderons. (Deadspin)

Oh my gosh (via Kevin Davis).

These are so good.

Fowler Fowlering.

Looks strong.

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