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Daily Bullets (Sept. 22): Analyzing the Weekend Slate and OSU’s Remaining Schedule, Is OSU Getting Less Plays?

Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news.



Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news.

OSU Bullets

Weekend watch guide for the OSU fan and a solid analysis of the remaining football schedule for the Pokes (PFB + Sellout Crowd)

• Comparing OSU’s quarterback situation vs. Iowa State’s (PFB)

• PFB’s Dekota Gregory dove into the numbers to tease out OSU’s offensive numbers compared to the rest of FBS and OSU historically – and it’s not ideal.

In theory, this all seems simple: the less chances you have to score, the less you score. OSU is running a lot less plays compared to normal and scoring a lot less points. However, whether that’s more because of new clock rules or just a bad offense is still up for discussion.


Justice Hill may be out for week three with a toe injury after the starter went down with a season-ender earlier in the year (Twitter)

What ISU’s Matt Campbell had to say ahead of the game against the Pokes (PFB)

• New strategy to improve OSU’s offense – post videos of successful offensive plays online for Kasey Dunn and his crew to check out:

Heck, even this one:

Non-OSU Bullets

• The Boise State AD is circulating a proposal for 24 teams to move to a three-team relegation setup in CFB

Converting an old school into apartments sounds like a fun real estate endeavor:

“Optimism early, pessimism in the middle, optimism late.

Your starting position has to be somewhat optimistic or you’ll talk yourself out of getting started. Believing in what you are about to do does not guarantee success, but a lack of belief can prevent it.

Once you’ve committed, pessimism becomes useful. Question things. Find holes in your plan. Hold yourself to a high standard and try to identify your mistaken beliefs before they become your misplaced actions.

After you’ve spent some time troubleshooting, it’s back to optimism again. Nothing will ever be perfect, but you have to act anyway. Progress requires the courage to forge ahead despite the inevitable obstacles.”

James Clear

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