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Daily Bullets (September 16)



Rend the Trend

Either the Pokes will continue scoring a ton in the first quarter or they won’t. Either way, a trend will be broken.

Cowboy fans have been spoiled in the first two games of this year. Though OSU began the South Alabama game with a three-and-out, it still managed to go ahead 17-0 after a quarter.

Oklahoma State led Tulsa 21-0 after one. So it has a 38-0 advantage in opening quarters this season.

That doesn’t jive with the Cowboys’ road record of late. Though OSU has been solid on the road in the past two seasons, going 8-2, it has not always been easy.

Oklahoma State averaged 6.2 points per game in the first quarter of its five road games last season. Never did it score more than seven. [TulsaWorld]

The Pitt defense may be one of the best they face all year – torching them early would be impressive.

Breaking the System

All too often, a spread quarterback comes along and plays some legit football. Mason is that spread quarterback.

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy didn’t see a system quarterback when he recruited Rudolph. Gundy was looking at something else. Gundy saw a quarterback with the right mental makeup to play in the FBS.

“We liked his demeanor,” Gundy said during Monday’s weekly Big 12 teleconference. “We liked what the people and coaches at the school said about him. He was very successful, won a lot of games. We felt like he was cerebral enough to develop into a quality football player, and fortunately it worked out for us and our thoughts on him were correct.” [SportingNews]

So it was the mind, not the arm that drew Gundy’s attention? What a pair.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Five most hated college football rivalries (get outta here with Iowa-ISU at three and no Bedlam)….Adam Lunt found this solid primer on Narduzzi’s defense (Pitt’s coach)….See when Cowgirl Basketball will be on Fox this year….Perspective on the Clemson-Louisville game tonight: will Lamar Jackson be a solid pro QB?

4:00 – 7:00pm = nap time.

Rickie playing well at the BMW Open.

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