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King of the Game: OSU vs. Pittsburgh



It’sWeek 3 of the season, and that means it’s Week 3 of our competition series King of the Game!

If you don’t know the rules by now, here you go:

Each week five people will make predictions about the upcoming game. The predictions will vary each week. Plus, each contestant get’s the opportunity to earn bonus points by making a wild prop bet. Our contestants will consist of myself, Kyle Cox, Nick Welch, someone from the enemy’s side, and an OSU fan contributor.

Our enemy picks come from Matt Harkins of Dream Backfield, who also helped us out with our “view from the enemy” this week.

This week’s fan pick comes from Stephanie Brown . How could I not pick her after this picture of her daughter?

“You should pick me….I annoy my Red Raider husband with how much I read this blog….but it’s worth it when my 8yr daughter can quote how may times we have beat them in a row!!!”

That’s just good parenting.

Here are this week’s bets:

• Bet Against the Spread: OSU (-13.5)
The Cowboys enter this one a nearly two-touchdown favorite. They’ve covered the spread through the first two games of the season, can they do it again?

• More Rushing Yards: Justice Hill or Qadree Ollison
Through two games Justice Hill has 159 yards and one touchdown on 26 carries, while Pitt’s Ollison has 187 yards and two touchdowns on 37 carries. Who ends the game with more yards?

• Over/Under: 2.5 times announcers mention the Mullet
Gundy’s mullet gets a lot of mentions during games (especially late in blow-outs). How many times will the doo be discussed?

• King of the Game: Receiver (OSU or Pitt)
Which wide receiver will have the biggest impact on the game. Highlander rules.

• Prop Bet
Go wild!

So, without further adieu…

Phillip Slavin

Bet Against the Spread: Pittsburgh
I’m basing my opinion off the fact that Pitt gave OSU more of a game than I thought they would last season. Now the game is in Pittsburgh and is OSU’s first real test of the season. I still think OSU wins by about 10 points, I just wonder if 14 is a lot.

More Rushing Yards: Qadree Ollison
This is more about how Mike & Mike call the offense. I think Hill will have a rebound game from South Alabama, but I think Ollison will get more carries. Thus I think he finishes the game with more yards.

Over/Under: Over
I would bet on at least two mentions BEFORE the game and at least one more each quarter.

King of the Game: Tyron Johnson
After James Washington absolutely destroyed Pittsburgh last season, I have a feeling the Panthers do everything they can to slow him down. Unfortunately for Pitt, that’s going to allow Johnson to step up and put on his best Washington impression by racking up over 100 yards and at least two touchdowns.

Prop Bet: Pitt leads Oklahoma State after the first quarter.
I think Pitt gives OSU a real game. I think OSU wins and builds a nice halftime lead, but I could see Pitt up 7-3 after one quarter in a shocking start. (stupid 11 a.m. kick-offs)

Kyle Cox

Bet Against the Spread: OSU
OSU will cover this one up.

More Rushing Yards: Qadree Ollison
Ollison will get more rushing yards. I don’t think OSU will be able to run the ball as well against a stacked box and Ollison will pick up some chunk yardage on a double-shuffle, do-si-do jet sweep.

Over/Under: Over
With a crew of Dave Pasch, Greg McElroy, and Tom Luginbill, that hasn’t seen it in all its glory, I’m going over.

King of the Game: James Washington
I think James Washington gets more than three targets in this one which means he’s almost guaranteed a buck-25 in the air. Probably closer to 150 and two scores.

Prop Bet: There will be kick or punt return touchdowns from each team.

Nick Welch
Bet Against the Spread: OSU
I’ll take OSU to cover. I think Pitt’s lack of a passing attack with Max Browne will prevent them from catching up with an explosive OSU offense.

More Rushing Yards: Qadree Ollison.
I think Justice has a solid game, but Qadree is going to get the ball probably 20 times this game and has already put together two 90-yard games.
Over/Under: Under.
I just looked up the TV announcer for the game and I have not heard of any of them. They may be fascinated with the mullet and talk about it a lot. Or they may actually commentate on the game. Who knows, I do not.
King of the Game: Chris Lacy
This should be an easy one. Mason Rudolph has already thrown more yards in one game than both Pitt’s first two games combined. The Cowboy receivers should have a busy day.
Prop Bet: My bold prediction is OSU doesn’t have a pass play longer than 50 yards.
Last year, Pitt clouded the middle in hopes to stop short passes and the run game but in doing so, gave up the big pass play. I think Pitt completely changes game plan this year and tries to prevent the deep ball.

Enemy: Matt Harkins

Bet Against the Spread: Pittsburgh
I am going to take PITT with this one. I believe this game is going to be closer than Vegas experts expect because it is at Heinz Field and PITT will have the crowd on their side. PITT’s offense will be better than the first two weeks of the season. They were hurt by dropped passes against Penn State that could of changed the tide of that game. And PITT’s defense has shown improvement each of the first two weeks and the secondary will be looking for a little redemption after last year’s game. I believe it is going to be a 3 or 7 point game either way.

More Rushing Yards: Qadree Ollison
PITT is a run first offense whether it be a Dive, Toss, End-Around or Reverse and Ollison has shown in his PITT career that he can be a #1 back and can set the tone for the offense.  The offensive line controlled the line of scrimmage last week against Penn State and if they can do just a little bit better than Ollison can find the holes and have him self a day to keep the pressure off of Max Browne.
Over/Under: Over
Do I need to have an explanation on this one? I’m definitely taking the over just because it’s a mullet and will stick out big time at Heinz Field this Saturday.  I’m going to go one better: you will hear it mentioned once pregame, once in the 1st half and at least 2 times in the 2nd half.  And at least one of those times the mullet will be mentioned in some sort of way with the score.
King of the Game: James Washington
I know I said I look for the PITT secondary to have a big game earlier. But, I’m not stupid after watching last year’s game and OSU games in general.  James Washington is a beast and will be a Top 5-10 pick in the NFL Draft. Even when a team can hold him down a little, Washington still ends up with 100+ yards and a touchdown or two it seems.
Prop Bet: At what point in game will “Sweet Caroline” be played?
PITT has changed things up this year with “Sweet Caroline” as it is no longer an automatic to be played between the 3rd and 4th Quarters.  They have gone the way of the Steelers and “Renegade” and now play “Sweet Caroline” at what they perceive to be the biggest moment in the game. Against Youngstown State, they played it as the game neared the half. My prediction for this Saturday against OSU is that we will hear the song midway thru the 3rd Quarter before a big defensive series.

Fan: Stephanie Brown

Bet Against the Spread: OSU
Pitt will come out with a chip on their shoulder after their instate rival’s coach just compared them to Akron but ultimately our passing attack will be too much for them. However, I’m feeling pretty good about my preseason Vegas bet when the line was -6.5!

More Rushing Yards: Justice Hill
I think Justice will help our running game rebound from last week plus Pitt will be so focused on limiting the big passing plays.
Over/Under: Over
I’ll even bet they mention Butch Wax at least once as well.
King of the Game: Marcell Ateman
He will reap the benefits of double coverage on The President…..the big man has just been getting warmed up!
Prop Bet: There will be 2 non-offensive touchdowns during the game!

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