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PFB Predictions: Oklahoma State-Pittsburgh



It’s almost game time which means it’s time to get to our picks for this week.

Kyle Porter

Pick: Oklahoma State 48, Pitt 20
Spread (OSU -13.5): Pokes cover
Player of the Game: Justice Hill

I think this Oklahoma State team is far better than even OSU fans think it is. Pitt’s obsession with stopping all of OSU’s wideouts combined with Justice Hill’s ave-rugh performance last week mean he’s flying in under the radar. A spread-out Pitt defense spells trouble for the middle of the field, and Hill has himself a monster 150-yard day.

Kyle Boone

Pick: Oklahoma State 44, Pitt 10
Spread: OSU covers
Player of the Game: James Washington

Last season it took a 9-reception, 296-yard and 2-TD outburst by No. 28 to squeak by Pitt in a weird, wet and wacky contest. This time I think OSU will get a similar day from Washington — but I don’t think it’ll be nearly as close. What better place to start a Biletnikoff Award campaign than Heinz Field?

Phillip Slavin

Pick: Oklahoma State 41, Pitt 28
Spread: OSU doesn’t cover
Player of the Game: Tyron Johnson

After last week’s loss to Penn State, the Panthers come out motivated. The Cowboys take a little time to shake off the 11 a.m. morning dew before taking a halftime lead they never relinquish. Pitt holds Washington down after last year’s game, but Rudolph finds Johnson for multiple TD’s causing Carson to faint repeatedly.

Kyle Cox

Pick: Oklahoma State 52, Pitt 21
Spread: OSU covers
Player of the Game: Mason Rudolph

Rudolph is probably a safe name to write in orange ink in this column for the rest of the year. As he goes, the Cowboys go. If OSU is as good as we think, it will prove it off the arm of QB1. Pitt likes to give up long passing plays and Rudolph likes to make them.

Nick Welch

Pick: Oklahoma State 45, Pitt 21
Spread: OSU Covers
Player of the game: Chris Lacy

In my King of the Game prediction, I said I think Pitt will play tight deep coverage on Washington. I think this will free up guys like Lacy and McClesky to get receptions in the mid-range game. I’ll predict at least one TD for him.

Justin Southwell

Pick: Oklahoma State 54-24
Spread: Oklahoma State covers
Player of the Game: James Washington

Oklahoma State’s future pros will play like pros at Heinz Field. I don’t expect James Washington to have nearly 300 yards like he did last season, but I think they will try to get him the ball more.

I’d like to see him in that 8-10 receptions range. I think Mason will have more than twice as many yards as Pitt’s QB. Is this the week we see a big special teams play from Tyron? Yes. Lastly, I’ll apologize to the defense for predicting that South Alabama would score 30 points on them. Because of that, I have a better feeling about the defense holding Pitt under 30.

Matt Harris

Pick: Oklahoma State 45, Pitt 17
Spread: OSU covers
Player of the game: Defense

I think the defense steps up and shows us that they can be a solid unit against the Pokes first power five opponent. The offense will have a good day per normal, but the defense is going to impress by holding the Panthers under 20 points.

Ryan Harris

Pick: Oklahoma State 55, Pitt 24
Spread: OSU Covers
Player of the game: Mason Rudolph

Mason Rudolph could realistically be the player of the game every week. This week I think Mason throws for 3 TDs and runs for 1 more. Three games in a row with a rushing touchdown for Rudolph? Why not. Pokes pass their first test handily in this one.

Carson Cunningham

Pick: OSU 38, Pitt 21
Spread: OSU covers
Player of the Game: James Washington

If OSU drops 40+ on Pitt then we can recalibrate the ceiling of this offense yet again. Keep in mind Pitt held Penn State to just 33 points, 312 yards (4-12 3rd down). The same PSU scored 35+ points in 11 games last season & has the best RB in the country.

That said, Pitt hasn’t seen an athlete the caliber of James Washington. Two 60+ yard TD’s cements him in everyone’s top spot on Biletnikoff watch list.

Thomas Fleming

Pick: OSU 47, Pitt 24
Spread: OSU covers

Pitt comes out fiery but their defense eventually gets too exhausted to compete anymore. One of their touchdowns is off a trick play, one from Quadree Henderson, and their quarterback throws two picks

Hayden Barber

Pick: Oklahoma State 40-24
Spread: Oklahoma State covers
Player of the game: Matt Ammendola

James Washington told me he expects the receiver production distribution to be as even as it was against South Alabama, and I don’t think Justice Hill will be too successful. I’m going Ammendola with four field goals near the city where he learned to kick.

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