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Daily Bullets (Sep. 2) – Cornelius Review, CFB Highlights from the First Saturday



In His Own Words

With the dust settling after the SS Cornelius’ maiden voyage, more reflection and analysis is to be done.

“I think Taylor could have played a little bit more without hesitation, a little tentative today,” critiqued offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich. “He’ll get better and he’ll get more confidence as time progresses and he gets more reps in game situations.

Yurich said the offense will continue to be geared more to what Taylor is good at, and honestly, there is plenty of that. Cornelius has two degrees academically and is working on a third, so I don’t see learning and correcting being an issue for him. One correction that head coach Mike Gundy made was saying his quarterback didn’t cut loose, He seemed to be trying to place the ball like a little league picture trying to throw strikes.

“I would agree with that, You go out there to win games and you go out expecting those things out of yourself. You want to be perfect,” said Cornelius and that may have been the problem. [GoPokes]

I think the expectation for Cornelius – that wouldn’t be put on Spencer Sanders or Dru Brown – is a comfort level with the offense: with the progressions, the playbook, and the personnel. Not just from a semester-long headstart with spring ball but from Cornelius’ having the Cowboy playbook via PDF when Sanders was attending junior high dances. From a nearly half-decade of watching a pro handle the job and perceiving the inner workings of Yurcich’s offense.

Now – Cornelius has years of experience holding a clipboard and maybe getting ten percent of the reps in practice. There’s time for this to work out but if an obvious comfort-level doesn’t surface before October, you’ve got to take a long look at the player with the highest upside.

Next Steps

Continuing to dissect QB1’s game one, there’s the good (making safe throws to build confidence and preventing more turnovers) and then there’s the growth opportunity that will allow the offense to thrive.

“He’s aiming, not throwing,” one wise press box scribe said.

“He’s laying up,” another golf-wise writer noted.

He was playing, well, like a first-time starting quarterback. Taking the safe route.

Safe was effective Thursday night. Cornelius’ stat line was nothing to sneeze at. Besides, when you have backs like Hill, King, Hubbard and JD King, you don’t necessarily need to spend the night taking foolish chances.

But there will come a time that OSU receivers must complement those backs. Wallace, McCleskey, Stoner and Tyron Johnson are too good, and too explosive, to keep catching 8-yard outs.

Cornelius must find those targets more often, and a lot farther down the field, to beat Boise State in two weeks, then overcome what awaits in the Big 12 Conference beginning in October. [TulsaWorld]

I’d bet my two hours of free time during the twins’ nap today who made the “laying up” comment – rhymes with Schmyle Storter – but that’s exactly right. If you’re still figuring it out and working towards getting comfortable, it’s smart to not go Tin Cup taking eleven shots into coverage before you hit Tyron in stride.

In summation, the expectation that he’d come out dropping dimes isn’t insane – hitting the first or second guy in the progression more often and connecting on a couple of deep balls playing FCS Midwest is reasonable for what Gundy sold us. But one game does not a trend make and more sample size/patience is completely reasonable to ask for.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Another 2019 Cowboy football target is on commitment watch this weekend….Winners and losers from week one of college football….Running Back U is flourishing again….Blake Jarwin’s competition in Dallas appears to be thinning….Boise State has a turnover “throne”….Texas lost, Texas Tech had a rough opener as well

Neat gesture by Maryland and Texas both.

…If you know you’re going to beat USC.

Texas winning out of league play helps OSU and all other Big 12 teams. But them getting pre-season hype/rankings feels like it comes at a direct expense to the Cowboys in years like this. And that drives me insane.

Joey Galloway (predicting Baylor for the 2017 Big 12 title) thinks this was a bad call.

As long as OSU doesn’t pick up special edition Jordan cleats for players, Fedora should work just fine.

For your brunch/after-church conversations.

Maybe my favorite political moment in years.

Sign this ref and the Fayetteville PD and Pokes are winning Bedlam.

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