Daily Bullets (September 25)

Written by Steven Mandeville
Mike in Charge

When Mike Yurcich was hired, it really felt like the training wheels were on and Gundy was influencing the play calling. Given Mike Y’s history, it doesn’t sound like that’s the case now.

Every week, Yurcich would draw up new plays or wrinkles for that specific opponent, growing his offense. Shippensburg started just 3-4 but closed the season with four consecutive wins. In 2012, it went 11-2 and (quarterback Zach) Zulli won the Harlon Hill Trophy as the best player in Division II. Along the way, the team scored at least 49 points nine times.

“I had so much success because of everyone getting a chance,” Zulli said. “Our entire offense was so good, everyone touched the ball, everyone had fun.”

Sound familiar? Through three games this year, eight Oklahoma State players have at least three catches, three have at least three touchdown catches and nine players have scored.

“It’s the exact same, I swear,” Zulli said. [SportsOnEarth]

I’m sure Gundy has ultimate say in things – think K-State 2016 when he commented on not being cool with the downfield throws – but it sounds like Yurcich’s wrinkles and structure are in place.

Adjustable Frogs

OSU struggled against the run last week and struggled to adjust. The Frogs struggled initially with the deep pass – but made a significant adjustment that relatively worked.

On James Washington’s 86-yard touchdown catch, TCU didn’t have a guy deeper than 7 yards from the line of scrimmage. Washington blew right past the double coverage, Mason Rudolph threw the pass 50 yards in the air and hit Washington perfectly in stride.

So TCU backed up, and didn’t put itself in position to get beat deep again. [NewsOK]

That’s an advantage (deep safeties) the Pokes struggled to expose, reasonable to assume game circumstances limited this.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Pokes make an appearance in the week four misery index….12 takeaways from week four of CFB….OSU headed back to the Alamo in latest bowl projections….Jenni Carlson on “dreams dashed” pointed well to Saturday’s issues

Glad West Virginia is ranked now after beating KU.

40 percent’s not bad.

Dad’s Day needs to be moved to the Spring Game.

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  • Mark

    We have to hope that West Virginia can stay in the top 25 until we have a chance to beat them. OU is pretty much guaranteed to stay in the top 25 by Nov 5th. But the fact that we had the chance to beat three top 25 teams and have now lost to one of them pretty much rules out any chance at the CFP, regardless of how the rest of the season goes.

    At the moment, I’m not confident in OSU’s ability to beat either of the remaining two (WVA or OU), although OU certainly looked mortal against Baylor.

    In fact, while we ‘Pokes fans are commiserating together, I would just remind everyone that based on the way OU played this weekend vs the way TCU played, OU would’ve lost that game too had they played each other. The sky is not falling….

    …. Then I remembered that half of our already mediocre O-line is gone indefinitely… Okay, maybe the sky IS falling!

  • okstate4life

    “Yurcich’s wrinkles and structure are in place”. That’s the absolute most scary thing I’ve ever read on this site. #wrpass

  • Saucy Takes

    I’ve defended Yurchich for sometime now… Saturday was the day #FireYurchich became valid. When did we not run the ball on first down. Why did JD King get only one carry, and why did we keep running to the right side of the field where we thin on the O-line someone explain that to me.

    • Good at Cruitin

      yurcich wasn’t the worst OSU coordinator saturday

      • Russell James

        ^^^ Truth

  • go pokes!

    remember that time we were supposed to be awesome at football?

  • Doc Holliday

    I’ve been ripped on here for along time when I’ve called Yurcich over rated and ironically he does this the weekend after I thought he called a pretty decent game. Yurcich is in way over his head. Take away what he wants to do and he has no backup plan cause he’s not smart enough to make adjustments. A draw on 3rd and 16 when you’re getting obliterated on your home field is a flat out EMBARRASSING PLAY CALL

    • Mark

      I imagine this must be what T-Tech fans sound like as well. “Dangit I can’t believe we couldn’t score a bazzillion points!….. Who? No, I don’t know who our defensive coordinator is. What does that have to do with anything?”

      • okstate4life

        We did good to score the points we did with the horrid play calling that was taking place. HB up the gut on 3/16 and 20+ yr bomb pass plays over and over. Hard for any defense to last when that’s your offensive scheme. Not even considering the WR pass at a time that did not need it. Seriously, how can anyone still argue Yurcich is a good play caller after watching that game? Another dumpster fire. I’m all earls.

        • okstate4life


  • oSuJones

    My question after Saturday is “Will it ever happen?” Unfortunately, I just don’t know the answer and I really thought I was sure before this season. We have the best team we could hope for….minus a world-beating defense (which really, very few teams get to claim that) and still find a way to lose. And as usual, OSU beats themselves. It’s never been about a lack of talent…its always been about the mental fortitude. After every repeat of “if only this would have happened” or “next year’s the year”…when does that actually happen? I’m concerned that maybe it never will

    • okstate4life

      Unfortunately we’ve seen the best of times I’m afraid with Gundy and Co. Sure we’ve been carried to heights never before seen in the program but as long as we have the “bend but don’t break” attitude with our defense and that bozo of an OC calling the plays, we’ll never make the next step forward in progression. In addition, if Gundy doesn’t get over his fear of OU after this year, it may be time for a change there as well. That is, if we ever want to keep progressing. Many are fine with the continuance of the way things are from what I’ve seen tho unfortunately.