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Daily Bullets: The only Tournament schedule you need

Smart’s redemption, film on Weeden, Markel breaks down the Zags.



CoffeeThe Pistols Firing bracket challenge has 225 people in it right now. We had 500 last year, let’s get it back up there. Prizes to the top three.


Really good breakdown of our region. How do we sign up the 7’5″ guy? (Big Lead)

Here are the SI covers this week. Pretty cool. (Sports Illustrated)

This schedule showing what to watch at different times this weekend is immense. (Draft Express)

Travis Ford is one of the 15 best coaches in the Tournament. Kind of. (CBS Sports)

OSU has better odds of winning it all than OU. (NewsOK)

Mrs. Pistols previews the Tournament. (South | East)

The all-academic bracket. Spoiler: We don’t win. (Yahoo)

On Marcus Smart’s potential redemption. I’m sort of tired of the Marcus Smart narrative, honestly. I know it must be written about but it’s tiring. (NewsOK)

In fact, we’re flirting with not making the tournament because of academics. (KU Sports)

Bruce Pearl to Auburn. Would you trade Gundy/Ford for Malzahn/Pearl? (Big Lead)

Gottlieb doesn’t think OSU making the Final Four is unreasonable. (NewsOK)

Markel is one of the 15 seniors you should appreciate this week. (CBS Sports)

10 minutes of college buzzer beaters. (Deadspin)

We did our annual NCAA Tournament player draft and this year’s version was pretty great. (PFB)

My man Matt Norlander says the four most unlikable teams in the tournament are Cal Poly, Duke, Kentucky, and OSU. (Sports on Earth)

Wow, this is making it hard for me to dislike Baylor. (Fox Sports SW)

The odds of you winning Warren Buffett’s billion are not what everyone tells you they are, but they still aren’t good. (538)


OSU’s track coach on the Freek: “Football is his first love, if you ask him. That’s his baby. I asked him that the other day, actually. I said, ‘Which one do you love?’ He said, ‘I love me some football, coach.’ But he’s very passionate about track as well.” 


Breaking down film on Weeden. (ESPN)


Baseball beat Missouri State 6-0 yesterday. (okstate)

I wrote about how Brandon Weeden’s success is my blind spot when it comes to sports. (PFB)

Cool infographic showing where coffee chains are located throughout the country. (Deadspin)

What being an entrepreneur is/isn’t. Good stuff from Kevin DeShazo. (Medium)

This piece on the best juggler in the world is just amazing. (Grantland)

Why do we expect so much from Nate Silver? (NY Mag)

Markel previews Gonzaga.

The bro-mo cam. This is pretty great.

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