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Daily Bullets: What keeps Josh Holliday up at night

Odds to win the Big 12 in football are out, Marcus visits Sac-Town, and an OSU student won $10,000.




Oklahoma State is hosting the Super Regional. Awesome. (PFB)

So UC Irvine has a crazed super fan and he’s probably going to be in Stillwater. (NewsOK)

TCU, Tech, Texas, and OSU all advance to the Super Regional. (Big 12 Sports)

The Holliday quotes just flow: “I stayed up at night losing sleep the last two years. thinking about how to reestablish the culture of this being a big deal. I want this to be a big deal for the kids who play here. I’m so thankful that the kids got to see that.” (NewsOK)


The odds for the Big 12 champ are all kinds of strange. (Kegs and Eggs)

OSU recruiting is on par with OU right now. Everybody is chasing Baylor and Texas. (ESPN)

This countdown to Florida State timer is terrific. Just 88 short days. (CRFF)

Berry ranks the Big 12 non-con schedules which is how you know the Thunder season is over. (NewsOK)

This best of the Big 12 BCS era series is going to be amazing. I bet OSU ’11 finishes in the top four. (ESPN)

I love this from Ubben. Texas and Texas A&M should be playing in all sports, especially football. (Fox SW)

No win total for OSU listed here. I’d put it at 7.5, I bet Vegas puts it at 8.5 when it comes out. (CBS Sports)

Whetsell looks at the key games for O-State in the 2014 season. His No. 1 will surprise you. (CRFF)

So Dez was pissed about being hazed as a rookie? (Fox SW)

This field looks just incredible. (Tumblr)


It’s so interesting to read about these indy workouts for Smart and Markel. Here’s Smart on the Kings (I’m guessing mostly about Cousins): “I could see myself fitting very well. Somebody without personality is like talking to a tree. You don’t want to sit there and talk to a tree or play with a tree for hours. You want somebody that makes you laugh, keeps things spontaneous …” (Sacramento Bee)

Speaking of Smart he’s apparently working out again for the Magic. (Orlando Pinstripe Post)

Awesome: Shane Battier is going to be a college hoops analyst next season. (CBS Sports)


Fox News gave an OSU student $10,000. (Lost Ogle)

This writing on California Chrome was tremendous. I’m a sucker for horse pieces but Tim Layden is the best. (Sports Illustrated)

What to do with criticism. (Twitter)


Here’s the O-State presser after the win on Sunday.

This looks cheesy but good.

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