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Daily Bullets: ‘Why not go after the best?’

Kevin Peterson dishes on the champs, Joe Wickline helping rebuild Texas, and you have to be something special to win a BCS bowl with KU.




I’m not even sure Jhajuan Seales is our best receiver. Also…Jaxon Shipley is still in college?! (Lubbock Avalanche-Journal)

Bobby Stoops on Chuck Strong: So I gotta be careful. I can’t wish him too much luck.” (Big 12 Sports)

Here’s Gundy dancing to Britney Spears. (PFB)

Kevin Peterson on FSU: ““If you’re gonna go after somebody, why not go after the best? You don’t wanna go after a team that had zero wins the past season, then feel good about beating a team that hasn’t won a game in 20 years. That’s how I was raised.” (CRFF)

Good stuff here from Ubben on the second day of Big 12 media stuff. Charlie Strong sounds like an amalgamation of every coaching cliche ever. (Fox SW)

“Taking Kansas to an Orange Bowl victory. you have to be a smart guy.” !!! (NewsOK)

Bill Hancock: “The unintended, really great consequence of the BCS was what it did for the regular season. Our regular season is a treasure. It is the best one in sports..” That’s probably true. (NewsOK)

Spurrier is in mid-season form. (Yahoo)

JW Patton and Trevor Knight have become good friends. (NewsOK)

Is Mike Gundy a top 10 coach? (PFB)

My favorite part of this new poll is how confident everyone is that it’s going to be correct. Like “Oh well we have a former Secretary of State on our committee so surely we’ll know how to rank a 10-1 LSU vs. a 11-0 Baylor. No problem.” Good luck. (NewsOK)

How Joe Wickline is helping rebuild Texas. That’s tough to write. (Enid News)

The anonymous Big 12 survey is always awesome. (Fox SW)

TCU suspended defensive end Devonte Fields on Tuesday pending the results of a police investigation into whether he punched a former girlfriend in the head and threatened her with a gun while shouting, “I should blast you!” Welp. (NewsOK)

Some cool pics of OSU guys in the NFL. (Tumblr)


Marcus Smart and Doug McBuckets are the only rookies on the USA JV team (as it were). (USAB)

Random stuff

Louis C.K. was always funny, but once he started talking about his family in his act his career blew up. I’m hoping I can do the same thing. (Lost Ogle)

On LeBron’s photographic memory. (ESPN)

Almost a third of all the ebooks sold on Amazon over the last three months were self-published. (Telegraph)

What is a Cowboy Football Player Specialist?

I might have already posted this but…man.

I’d watch this.

I was on Colbert last night (kind of)..

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