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Daily Mullets (Bowl Edition)



Happy bowl day. This is our last football game for eight months.

On Motivation

Great points here by Bill Haisten.

That season was forgettable for Alabama, but its roster was outfitted with elite recruits. Oklahoma State won that game because it had a pronounced edge in motivation. Alabama settled for the Independence Bowl. OSU savored it.

So what happens on Thursday night, when comparably talented Oklahoma State and Colorado collide in the Alamodome? If Cowboy players truly are motivated to execute at their best level, the Alamo Bowl could be great college football theater. However, if the Buffaloes seem to care more, OSU’s 2016 finish might bear an unfortunately striking resemblance to its 2015 finish: a Bedlam loss followed by a bowl loss. [Tulsa World]

This is what happens when you’re successful. It gets harder and harder to maintain. CU is going to be out of its mind because it hasn’t seen a bowl game since the Bush administration. OSU? Maybe. But also maybe not.

Jordan Sterns’ last game

This is tremendous.

Sterns said his work ethic comes from watching his mother. “She was young when she had me, and just the perseverance she displayed throughout life because it ain’t easy,” Sterns said. “When you’re little you don’t understand, like, you have no idea. It’s such a blessing to have a woman that strong.”

Biddy was 18 years old when she had Sterns. For more than five years, Biddy, her mother and Sterns lived together in Dallas, until Sterns’ younger brother Caden was born. [Tulsa World]

I think when I look back at this team, Sterns will end up being my favorite player.

Devante Averette’s future

Well done piece on Devante Averette here by Max Olsen.

Averette, who turns 24 on Friday, has figured out his next profession for supporting Jerrieon. He wants to be an independent contractor. But first he wants to take a shot at the NFL.

“Sometimes guys like him make it if somebody gives them a chance,” Spencer said. “Boy, if somebody were to get him in camp, he’d be the locker room champ, I know that.” [ESPN]


Is this the best duo in OSU history?

Rudolph and Washington are aware of the opportunity they have. A couple hours after their post-practice video announcement, both indicated the returning talent and the soaring expectations for next season were significant in their decision. “We’re excited for the future,” Rudolph said. Everyone who loves the orange and black could say the same. Soak it up, Cowboy fans. You already know you are witnessing greatness, but you might just be witnessing the greatest. [NewsOK]

It’s going to be really, really difficult to top Weeden2Blackmon for me.

Berry looks back

Berry Tramel looks back at the memorable Colorado-OSU games (which is most of them).

In Stillwater, OSU was seeking its first 6-0 start World War II. But Colorado led late, and quarterback Tony Lindsay’s fumble seemed to put the Cowboys in jeopardy. But Maurice Simpson’s interception gave Lindsay another chance, and he threw a 19-yard TD pass to a leaping Alonzo Mayes with 1:56 left in the game, and OSU was on its way to the Alamo Bowl, its only postseason game between 1988 and 2002. [NewsOK]

Rudolph’s numbers

I heard Jesse Palmer mention this last night during A&M-Kansas State as well. Pretty interesting.

Rudolph has 3777 yards with only four picks, half of which came against the Wildcats in a wild game in Manhattan. No other quarterback with at least 3,500 passing yards has fewer than 7 interceptions. The next closest quarterback to match Rudolph’s stats is North Carolina QB Mitch Trubisky with 3,468 yards and 4 INTs. [CRFF]

I would trade a few more INTs for no fumbles and maybe a couple more deep shots, but the point remains that Rudolph has been incredible.


I want this tonight.


More OSU

Ranking the top five OSU bowl games under Mike Gundy … These photos of Gundy are amazing.

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