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This is a new feature for PFB, although obviously not the genesis of something entirely new to blogging as a whole.

For us it will be a sampling of five things going on every week that are a step away from Cowboy athletics. Some power polls might include bits about culture, some about sports media, others maybe music, an amalgamation of sorts.

So while most of these excerpts won’t be overtly about Oklahoma State, most will in some bridge the gap between Stillwater, OK and the rest of the sports world.

Without further ado, here’s your first Orange Power Poll:

1. Columbusted – The Ohio State scandal is beneficial for Oklahoma State on so many levels. First, we probably won’t have to worry about any more Ted Ginn games for the next decade as tOSU will be playing in bowl games decidedly less prestigious than the Alamo in forthcoming years, if they are playing in bowl games at all. Next, can we just rotate the article “the” to whichever school lays claim to the most prestigious OSU-titled athletics program in the country? If Oregon State wins the Pac-12,the CWS, and goes dancing in one school year, they get to be the Oregon State University. Same for the Cowboys. Either way, it won’t be residing in Columbus for a while.

2. The NBA Finals – Did you enjoy the LeBron-a-thon? Did you over-react every game as Chris Broussard hyperbolized every possession or are you accurately processing everything historically? Why do I ask? Because in about five months OSU is going to have its own LeDrama and every game, every possession, every touch by LeBryan Nash is going to be broken down on message boards and in columns harder than Tim Kurkjian giving a keynote on the sacrifice bunt. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

3. Holgorsen – Like I said earlier this week, he’s absolutely entered the Tyson/Sheen Zone where nothing he does can be considered anything but a normality anymore. At this point if there was footage of him wrestling a bear in the Appalachian Mountains as Bob Huggins looked on holding two fishing poles I wouldn’t even blink. If he filmed himself skinny dipping with Jenn Brown in a hotel pool full of Red Bull it would probably barely register with me. If there’s video of him out there sneaking into Pittsburgh’s athletic offices and peeing all over their playbooks I wouldn’t consider that abnormal. I only have one question about all this: how do we get him back?

4. Preseason Magazine Picks – What are we doing? Predictions, previews, guarantees – they’ve become such that the explanation of the pick matters more than how accurate you are. Think Baylor is going to a BCS? Cool, entertain me with your reasoning and I’ll purchase your magazine. We’ve become such whores for in-depth analysis we don’t even care (nor can we keep track of) who’s right and who’s wrong anymore.

Note: I wrote this five days ago and wouldn’t you know Michael Weinreb had it in his Friday Five today for Grantland. Promise I’m not Skip Baylessing stuff from them.

5. The Color Purple – Rickie Fowler trotted out on Thursday at Bethesda looking like Ell Roberson circa 2002 in a righteous purple shirt (and matching hat, as always) trimmed with a pair of thin white pants. Then Peter U. followed him up  in a pair of dark slacks, a white belt hidden mostly by his chrome Pistol Pete head belt buckle, and topped off with a soft purple polo that made him look five years younger than his curved bill and college haircut already imply. They both got lit up a little bit this morning in Esquire for desecrating the Adam Scott-level standard golfers are supposed to have, but I like their style. Obviously Fowler is into a type of brand-building that forces him to wear Teletubbies colors, but at least it’s true to his personality and game – both vociferous and emphatic. I also like that Peter didn’t default to orange and kept it subtle with a white OSU golf hat. Solid effort from both of them even if both are teetering on a stage left exit before the weekend even begins.

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