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Daton Fix Makes the World Championship Finals

Fix could be OSU’s first Senior World Champ since John Smith in 1991.



Daton Fix started his quest to become a Senior World Champion a long time ago, but the matches to his first Senior World Medal started Saturday in Oslo, Norway.

Fix opened things up with Bulgaria’s Georgi Vangelov. Fix got a shot clock point and a takedown in the first period and went to the second with a 3-0 lead. He expanded on that with two takedowns, and at the last second of the match hit a 4-point throw to win with an 11-0 tech. This ultimately ended up being Fix’ toughest test on the way to the finals, as he went on an unstoppable tear from there.

Fix dominated Arman Eloyan of France 10-0 in just 57 seconds, then did more of the same with India’s Ravinder Singh with another 10-0 tech.

In the semifinals, he faced off with Armenia’s Arsen Harutyunyan. Daton got a takedown about 30 seconds into the match and immediately went into his patented trap arm gut wrench. Fix had it sinched up tight, hit four rolls, and in 37 seconds it was all over. Fix was into the World Finals.

Fix will have Russian Abasgadzhi Magomedov for the gold tomorrow. Magomedov is a Junior World Champ, a U23 World Champ, and 2021 European Champ. Magomedov has been on a similarly dominant path to Fix. He’s pinned or teched everyone he’s faced and has yet to have a point scored on him.

The pair faced off in 2015 at the Cadet World Championship with Magomedov winning 3-2

With a win, Fix will become the first Senior World Champion wrestler from Oklahoma State since John Smith in 1991.

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