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Daton Fix Might be the Most Hated Person at the University of Iowa

Fix is the No. 1 thing standing between Iowa and a spot on the Olympic team.



On Saturday Daton Fix knocked off former Iowa wrestler and World Silver Medalist Thomas Gilman to claim the 57 KG spot on the Senior Men’s Freestyle Wrestling Team. Defeating Gilman was Fix’s second big win over an Iowa opponent this year after taking out Austin DeSanto in Gallagher-Iba Arena in front of 13,811.

Both wins were huge for Fix and Oklahoma State while simultaneously a bit demoralizing for Iowa fans.

Prior to the Iowa dual, DeSanto had knocked off NCAA finalists Nick Suriano and Ethan Lizak, and looked poised to potentially make his way into NCAA title contender status. After losing to Fix he dropped rematches with both Lizak and Suriano and finished fifth at the NCAA tournament.


In knocking off Gilman at the US Open and then again at Final X, Fix took out Iowa’s only men’s freestyle world medalist and their only remaining opportunity for a men’s world team member.

Though those two wins probably didn’t set well with Iowa fans, ultimately what may be under their skin even more regarding Fix is something that hasn’t even happened yet.

Next year is an Olympic year and with three wins over Gilman in the last few months, Fix has now established himself as the favorite to make the Olympic team at 57 KG. This also makes him the biggest road block in the way of their possible Olympians as Gilman and two-time NCAA champion Spencer Lee are both expected to make a run at that spot next year.

Naturally the 2020 Olympic spots still has to be wrestled and there is always some level of optimism and some level of concern for any fans rooting for someone to make the team. But after beating DeSanto and picking up three wins over Gilman, Oklahoma State fans are probably feeling a lot better about their prospects than Iowa fans. And Fix may be the be the most hated, feared, and respected (most likely some combination of all three) person in Iowa City.

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