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David Glidden Wants to Know If You Saw His Catches, Bro



This is so great.

Zach Crabtree was recently asked about his thoughts on how OSU’s offensive line is doing so far. He noted that he was excited to see Zac Veatch’s catch on Saturday.

I don’t often get to see those plays and David Glidden is always asking me about a play that happened downfield and he’ll say, “did you see my catch?”

I say, “no, I’m a little busy blocking these big guys so that pass can get thrown. That’s my job.” Last spring in the spring game he asked if I saw his touchdown catch in the game and I told him I had a guy in front of me named Emmanuel Ogbah and I was kind of busy. I have something to do today.

The thought of Glidden running around to all of his offensive linemen saying, “you see my catch, bro?” is killer. I love it. Glidden, by the way leads the team in every receiving category with 12 catches for 283 yards and 3 TDs.

On a more serious note, it’s also cool to see Crabtree take his job so seriously. He was asked later about Chris Carson and gave a really cool answer.

“We don’t expect to get the shine; we don’t expect to get all that. That’s why we play offensive line. We do the work inside and let those guys have the glory. You’re excited when they have glory because you know you had to do your job right for them to get that opportunity. I’m just fired up for Chris. That’s awesome for Chris.”

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