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Depth Chart Update



The new depth chart came out today and here are the changes from the beginning of the fall to Game 1 against Savannah St.

– Parker Graham replaces Michael Bowie at LG, – Duh, Bowie was dismissed.

– Daniel Koenig has been named the starter at RT – Replacing Parker Graham

– Austin Hays added as 3rd WR behind Isaiah Anderson and Charlie Moore – No surprise there, he’ll play a lot.

– John Goodlett named Josh Stewart’s backup, Dvid Glidden is the co-backup – Who? Oh, him.

– Blake Webb replaces Torrence Carr as Blake Jackson’s backup – They’ll all play. The WR depth chart is whatever to me, it’s like the Dream Team, who cares who starts…

– James Castleman replaces Anthony Rogers at DT – see wide receivers, OSU.

– Demarcus Sherod named backup LB behind Alex Elkins – replacing Nico Ornelas

– Kevin Peterson named backup behind Brodrick Brown replacing Andrae May

– Shamiel Gary replaces Lavocheya Cooper at SS – They just switched spots, both will play.

– Ashton Lampkin replaces Larry Stephens at CB – Stephens moves to free safety.

The most interesting stuff to me is at CB. I promise we have the best upperclassmen/freshmen foursome in the entire country at CB. The WR lineup, like I said, is basically just names on a piece of paper.

Here’s a picture of the full chart from Kelly Hines.

Let the games begin.

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