Dez Bryant Was Back in Stillwater on Thursday

Written by Kyle Cox

It was just a normal day in Stillwater. Well, pretty much.

Tweets like this popped up from all over Stilly.

Even a former Cowboy linebacker spotted the Pro Bowl receiver.

Maybe Dez was overseeing plans for the new seating charts at BPS. #FakeNews

And of course, Dez has to ride in style when he makes his way through Payne County.

Dez even took some time to hang with Gandalf.

And to hang with some of OSU’s staff.

Apparently, Dez still has some calls to make before he heads back south.

Where does Dez stay when he comes to town? Gundy’s house? I’d like to imagine he does. Maybe Gundy can convince him to stick around for Bedlam and the big meet with Penn State on Sunday.


  • kspokesfan

    Dez being Dez… Good to see him support oSu in the way he does.

    • DataAddict

      I absolutely see him being passed out on one of Gundy’s living room couches, mouth open, with the remote slipping out of his hand…

  • David Einstein