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Dez: ‘Kill the guy across from you’

This mini-doc about Dez is really intense and weird.



Good thing this isn’t intense or anything.

Quotes from Dez in this mini-documentary:

“I won’t ever take what I do for granted. I love football.”

“I’m never satisfied, I believe there’s always more.”

“You hit me and I’m going to hit you back. I guarantee you I’m going to hit you back harder than you hit me.”

“When those lights turn on it’s a totally different Dez Bryant. My focus is all on the field. It’s a drive to kill. That’s what I believe. Kill the guy across from you.”

Well OK then.

I feel like he looks like Kendrick Perkins when he comes out of the water in the tuxedo. Weird, right? The whole film is just bizarre. It was made for Flaunt, a fashion magazine and I don’t totally know why.

Also, his hands are a joke. I mean a JOKE.

Screen shot 2013-10-31 at 7.56.39 AM

h/t @pokelahoma

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