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Did an OSU football player make a sex tape?



Happy Friday, everyone!

Samantha Vicent had the report in the O’Colly on Thursday:

On Saturday, a female student told OSU police officer Clint Leach that her ex-boyfriend, also a student, made a video of the pair together without her knowledge or consent. The video was made in October, according to the incident report.

This is illegal (obviously). But how does it have anything to do with OSU football?

The tape was reportedly made in an on-campus apartment, according to the report. A university source confirmed Thursday that the offense location is the residence of an OSU football player.


According to Vicent, the suspect’s and witness’ information are redacted from the report. Obviously football players also live with students that aren’t football players, but probably not as often as you’d think.

There’s likely going to be more to the story but hey, some good news — at least we’re getting the “Herschel Sims memorial” sordid offseason story out of the way early this year!

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