Don’t Undervalue Taylor Cornelius

Written by Hayden Barber

Taylor Cornelius did not receive a football scholarship from the university he has pledged at least four years to or any other Division I university for that matter.

Division II schools came calling but he wanted to compete somewhere big. Since he got to school, there has been little to talk about when the name “Cornelius” came up. When students saw him on the field, all they would talk about was how lanky and awkward he looked.

There were rumors coach Mike Gundy picked him up at an intramural game, which were funny but not at all accurate. Here’s what is:

Cornelius comes from Bushland, Texas, a division 1-2A high school in the panhandle of Texas, America, and has been the picture of reliability at least since his prep school days.

In an article published last year, Kyle Fredrickson of The Oklahoman wrote about how in the 2013 state championship game, Cornelius’ Bushland coach was in a panic and sent the 6-foot-6, 218-pound mantis out at corner against the other team’s best player for one down at a crucial make-or-break point in the game.

On that one play, he nabbed an interception and iced the game.

Although he hasn’t gotten any kind of opportunity like that at OSU, believe he wouldn’t squander it if he had. He might not throw a crunch time touchdown or lead a 2-minute drill for the win, but Cornelius would not single-handedly spoil a game.

Consider his short stat line from 2016. Coming in late against Southern Louisiana and Kansas, Cornelius went a combined 7-of-9 for 64 yards. No passing scores but no picks. Also not to be undercut: He led the longest scoring drive of the season.

In the opener, Cornelius drove 90 yards on 15 plays. He conducted the offense on a drive that took 8:58 off the clock. That’s just good offense.

If Mason Rudolph gets injured, Cornelius will not step in and lead the offense with the same precision, pace, sexiness or success, but he would beat Kansas. He would probably beat Iowa State, Texas Tech and maybe even Baylor and TCU, too.

No one wants to see Cornelius this season. That would be a drag at this point, but if he has a chance to be the starter in 2018, there are undoubtedly worse situations to be in.

In a recent poll I ran on Twitter, some of you told me redshirt freshman Keondre Wudtee would start after Rudolph leaves.

Don’t forget Wudtee completed one pass on six attempts for a total of 6 yards in the spring game. It doesn’t get better the farther you go down the depth chart. Cornelius, however, went 5-for-9, totaling 77 yards with a passing touchdown.

Maybe Wudtee will get better. After watching through spring practice and the spring game, it will take time. Years. With Cornelius, you know what you’re getting.

And that cannot be undervalued.

  • Gopokes82

    So here is the deal with James Washington- He has a rare form of a hernia injury that he may have had since birth. He irritated it two days ago. Hes gonna practice today and if it bothers him will have surgery asap. He will be out for a long time if that is the case. So were taking it a day at a time

    • Ak47


    • Mark


    • Brendan

      Where are you getting this information?

    • pokes247

      Where did you hear that?

    • common sense

      Everybody take this with a HUGE MOUNTAING of salt.

    • Gopokes82

      James Washington update- he looked fine in practice today. Most likely will play w/out surgery. Taking this one practice at a time

    • OSU Student

      This has less credibility than Pardon My Take, and at this point PMT’s credibility is about that of an out-of-work lawyer.

      • Gopokes82

        Im at practice every day buddy…

        • OSU Student

          I didn’t say this is a lie. I said it has no credibility. And since you’ve provided no proof of this, it still, at this moment, has zero credibility.

  • Levin

    This article reads like it was written using Google Translate.

  • guest

    Just want to make an important distinction. Your Twitter poll asked who WILL start, not who we WANT to start. I would considered revising that sentence in the article.

  • BBJD

    The question becomes is Taylor so much better then the young alternatives that him starting for a year is what is best for the programs development.

    My answer would be no I would think you take your lumps with a young QB and WR’s in 2018 lean on Justice and come out firing in 2019 gunning for the Big 12. But if Taylor proves himself to be good enough to lead a Big 12 contending team then by all means he should play.

    I just think the argument well the Junior RS QB is better then the Freshman right now is silly because it ignores context.

  • Chris Stover

    They are saying if surgery. he will be out 4 weeks after surgery. I wouldn’t say a long time. How much time did you hear?

  • Scott Walderbach

    I really hope we see backups in EVERY game. I hope every one of the starters are on the bench because we are so far ahead in the 3rd and 4th quarters. Except Bedlam and Baylor. No mercy in those games. 100-0 is too close in those two games.

  • OSU Student

    I see the point with comparing Wudtee’s Spring game perfomance to Taylor’s, but I still think Wudtee, Woods, or even the big time incoming freshman will get the start next year. Wudtee’s athletic abilities are much wider ranged than Taylor’s, and Wudtee had just arrived on campus. Give him a year and he’ll be much improved. What we see out of Taylor now will pretty much be where he’s at the rest of his time in Stillwater. For this year, though, I don’t think our backup QB options are as bad as people perceive. Won’t win us a title, but it wouldn’t throw us to the bottom of the league, either.

  • Clint

    Ok – a shift in the discussion: “…coach was in a panic and sent the 6-foot-6, 218-pound mantis out at corner against the other team’s best player for one down at a crucial make-or-break point in the game…”
    So – is TayCorn actually Sunshine!!??!!??