Early Enrollee LaMarcus Morton Signs with Oklahoma State

Photo credit: MaxPreps
Written by Kyle Boone

Gilmer standout wide receiver and safety LaMarcus Morton made his signing official on Monday in a ceremony at the high school. He’s officially an Oklahoma State student athlete.

Morton’s ceremony was the next step in making it officially official, as he signed his financial aid agreement that binds the school to him. His next step will be signing the national letter of intent, which will bind him to the school when he enrolls. All signs point to that being just a formality, as he will join OSU as an early enrollee and get a jump in the spring semester.

Morton finished his senior year with 67 receptions, 1,368 yards and 15 touchdowns. Defensively he had 32 tackles with five pass break-ups.

It is believed that he will play safety for Oklahoma State. With the losses of Jordan Sterns and Derrick Moncrief, early playing time could be up for grabs for him to take.

  • Schultzy

    You mean cornerback?

    • Zach.

      No safety. He will play safety at OSU. Even tho he was a reciever in highschool as well. But a better safety prospect.

      • Schultzy

        Based on what? RA, local outlets and recruiting sites seem to think he’ll play DB.

        • Ryan

          Defensive backs (DBs) are considered both corners and safeties.

          • Schultzy

            I mean, safeties are usually designated as their own thing on these sites, but fair enough; I misspoke. He’s listed as a cornerback in the Tulsa World , Scout, and 247, and RA said he would play CB.

      • guest

        He’s playing CB not safety

  • OrangeAndBlack

    At least one of these 50 safties being recruited is going to have to move to CB. They aren’t all gonna play safety

    • RecruitingGuru

      They will figure it oit wh

    • RecruitingGuru

      They will figure it out, plus with 2015 CB recruits Green and Harper from last year, who have length and speed just need to add weight. If Tracin didn’t tear his ACL again he would be a top 30 player in Texas and would be a star CB with his sub 10.8 100 meter, terriffic hips and agility. Hell most recruiting services still have him his as a top 50-75 player in Texas which is unheard of for back to back ACL injuries. Just the type of athlete and hard worker that they still think he has potential.
      He is faster and has better hips then Tylan pre injury, thats why he was at QB not his brother when they begin highschool in FW.

    • RecruitingGuru

      McCune looked good in press coverage in practice FOR the O-D Game. He can jam at line of scrimmage and if he played at a Desoto with better coaching and strength and conditioning program he might could be twice the prospect maybe. His hips are the question, but he looked pretty athletic and definitely has the straight line speed and recovery speed. He reminds me of the big Bama corners you see that could bully recievers at the line of scrimmage.