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Emmanuel Ogbah is a Professional

These before and after photos of Emmanuel Ogbah are incredible.



Hey, don’t look at me. I didn’t say it.

“Ogbah’s a professional at this sport,” said defensive line coach Joe Bob Clements. “Ever since I’ve been here and with every phase we’ve gone into, he’s been better than the last phase.

If that continues on into fall 2015, that will be a scary proposition for his opponents.

“When we get into spring ball, he’s better than he was in the fall. When we get into the fall, he’s better than he was in the spring. So, I would say he’s playing at a higher level than he was last season.”

Yikes. That’s how you go from this to this in a few years.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 3.25.57 PM

Mike Gundy agrees. He also points out why, exactly, Ogbah is such a boon to his defense.

“…with Ogbah, I would think there will have to be adjustments made on offense to find where he is on the field. We have to when we compete against him in practice. We have to know where he is.

“Unless teams we’re playing are a lot better at (offensive) tackle than we are, in most cases they have to identify him and be aware where he is on the field, which means the other guys are going to get single blocks most of the time.

“That’s an advantage when you have an end like him who can make plays. Jimmy Bean has been around forever and is bigger and his attitude has been great over the last year so he should be able to contribute on the other side.”

Can he play defensive tackle as well? As for being an actual professional, Ogbah says he tries to ignore the chatter as much as possible.

“I have to hear it, I mean I have people in my ears,” said Ogbah about going to the NFL. “All the talk is nice and all that but I’m really just focusing on being the best that I can be this year for myself and my teammates.”

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