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Emptying my notebook on the Texas Tech game

On the OSU defensive line, two things Chelf isn’t good at, and why the targeting rule needs to change.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

I had a few lingering thoughts on the OSU-Tech game…

– The OSU defensive line is relentless. I’m perplexed by the fact that it only had one sack and zero (?!) QB hurries in a 97-play game but the degree to which it has improved over defensive lines of the past is pretty incredible.

– Remember when third and two used to be like “wahtevs” and now it’s “pass me the handle of Evan Williams” nerve-wracking? I don’t enjoy that.

– Updated stats: OSU is now 99-99 for 6,383 yards on the seam route this year. Or something like that. Gundy needs to hire OKC Dave to figure these things out.

– Two things Chelf is terrible at. 1. He gets every fourth ball (approximate) tipped at the line of scrimmage. 2. He sails passes like he’s trying out for America’s Cup.

– There was a defensive pass interference in the end zone on Ashton Lampkin when Tech was on, like, OSU’s 12. The ref said “by rule the ball will be placed at the two-yard-line.” Is that a new rule? Should I be surprised if Big 12 refs are kind of just making this thing up as they go? Paper-rock-scissors for which yard line it’s placed on?

– I can’t believe I didn’t mention this in my 10 thoughts but I loved Josh Stewart out of the backfield. Just Tavon Austin that thing to death. Now I don’t love giving it to him four plays in a row but out of the pistol every once in a while, yes please.

– Roland was toast by the end of the game. I know Gundy keeps saying he wants him to be Toston but that’s a difficult thing to do in your second career start, especially on 31 carries.

If OSU is going to keep running as prominently as it is (see below) Childs or Smith is going to have to play a part (or Chelf can keep running for 40 a pop. Either way is fine.

– Heck of a percentage here:

– Gus Johnson noted at one point when OSU was on Tech’s 40 that Ben Grogan was warming up. I almost fell out of my chair. Warming up for what? Then they cut to Grogan on the sideline and he was handing Kip Smith balls so he could practice punting into the net.

If Grogan even looks at the field before OSU is inside its opponent’s 25, he should have to get on a stairmaster.

– One of Tech’s playcalls I love that OSU doesn’t do enough: The little inside mini-screen thing with a wide receiver. I think it’s actually a double screen with the outside guy blocking (picking, really) his defender, but man, they run it well.

OSU should do that all day with Stewart or Glidden or somebody shifty like that.

– The targeting call, let’s talk about it. The first time I noticed it this season was in the OU-Tulsa game. An OU defensive back got thrown out of the game on one of the more ridiculous calls I’ve ever seen and I was just like “crap, that’s going to swing a huge game this season.”

Since then I haven’t seen targeting called and not reversed. That is, every time I’ve seen it the defender has been allowed to stay in the game but the 15-yard penalty still applied. Does anyone understand how insane that is?

As a ref you’re saying “you didn’t do what we originally thought you did but we’re still going to penalize you because….just because.” That has to change.

– I would have died:

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