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Emptying the notebook on OSU and Iowa State

Here’s the best of what happened on Saturday afternoon in Stillwater.



Daxx Garman didn't have his best game on Saturday (USATSI)

Daxx Garman didn’t have his best game on Saturday (USATSI)

I posted my 10 Thoughts on the OSU-ISU game here but wanted to empty the notebook on things I thought about during the game.

Here we go.

• I do love 11 AM games — I know I wrote that I liked the 2:30 and 6 PM games better but as somebody writing about this stuff and still trying to enjoy my Saturday, I’m all in on the early ones.

• Ashton Lampkin being out didn’t really seem to affect OSU that much. My man Ramon Richards got a ton of playing time which is good both for this season and the ones thereafter.

• Speaking of freshmen getting playing time how about Tre Flowers starting and playing basically the whole game?

The reason:

• Who was worse: Katy Perry as a GameDay picker or Adarius Bowman as a college basketball player? Toss up for me.

• Look, I know it was the end of the game and I don’t think it’s THAT big of a deal but OSU does have a little big of a “we don’t do Iowa State games anymore” feel sometimes. Not 100 percent of the time, but it happens.

• I wish you could have seen my face when Fox flashed OSU’ three-and-out percentage showing that they are third worst in the country. That’s not good.

• Peak trolling OSU fans by ISU’s kicker.

• OKC Dave and I had this conversation at the Texas Tech game but we realized we’re getting old because we keep thinking current players wearing olf players’ numbers were actually those old players. Today I kept thinking Flowers (No. 31) was Lucien Antoine.

• Sometimes it’s not as complicated as fans want it to be. Sometimes it’s just that an inexperienced, below average (for OSU) offensive line = poor offense.

• This catch was insane.

• Brady Quinn couldn’t stop talking about folks waking up. Tim Brando couldn’t stop talking about folks showing up. If I had a nickel for both I could have bought Fox at halftime and fired them.

• Why doesn’t one of the Sam Richardsons go by “Sammy”?

• I was told that this week’s game was a “classic trap game” for OSU? With Kansas next week..

• Yikes!

• Here’s an idea for an OSU offense: 10 eight-yard slants to Marcell Ateman, touchdown.

• This was pretty good.

• What time do they think humans wake up?

7-on-5 and Daxx got sacked…

• This was true (and worrisome) at one point.

• I’m not sure the “14 points in 11 seconds” stat from OSU (Roland end-of-half TD and Tyreek kick return) is getting topped this year. That has to be a near record.

• Another one, OSU scored 31 of its 37 points in 15:05. Wild.

• I thought this was great.

• How hard was Brando riding on ISU +17.5? He announced that last drive like it was to win the Rose Bowl.

• We’ll talk more next week but that uni combo is as good as it gets for OSU. Two straight Heisman-level performances.

• Tyreek had 221 all purpose yards. Iowa State had 322 total offensive yards.

• Apologies for screwing up the first goal line photo by not angling the line and just going straight up and down. Not sure what I was thinking.

• Rickie Fowler took a photo with himself.

• Here was the final Roland TD. Poor ISU was just worn out.

• Amazing.

• One final time….

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