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Emptying the notebook on OSU-West Virginia

WVU camo, Tyreek covering punts, hottest October 25th ever, and the essay portion of the SAT.



The Kevins go at it. (USATSI)

The Kevins go at it. (USATSI)

• Jhajuan Seales being out really doesn’t affect this team at all. That’s a strange thing to say about somebody who is (arguably) your best WR.

• Oklahoma State really should sell second half tickets to Homecoming games so all the seats left empty by Greek Nation could be filled.

• Ramon Richards on Kevin White is like me against Brian Phillips on the “write your own essay” portion of the SAT.[1. I’m not totally sure that was a portion of the SAT but it seems like it was.]

• Here’s a scary thought: Our best offensive play is probably either a deep pass interference or Daxx rolling out and hitting the TE

• OSU went 25 offensive drives (or 91:15 of actual game time or eight quarters) between offensive touchdowns (Q2 against Kansas and Q2 against WVU). Here’s a look (start at the TD halfway down the first graphic):

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 3.32.40 PMScreen Shot 2014-10-25 at 3.32.55 PMScreen Shot 2014-10-25 at 3.33.10 PM

• Rece Davis said “flat-footed frogs” when showing a TCU highlight in the first half. I liked that a lot. Somebody has to provide the alliteration.

• If you were watching on TV: I like the flip the field camera. Would love one on top of BPS.

• Clint Trickett and Merton Hanks should have a neck off.

• This was pretty funny (and true).

• Me no understand the “double coverage pass to our shortest receiver” play.

• West Virginia’s defensive coordinator wearing a camo dri-fit long sleeve t-shirt is the most WVU thing ever.

• Once OSU’s offense started cranking and Ben Grogan started shanking again in the second quarter I knew all was right with the world once again.

• Why is Tyreek covering punts? What the hell? Tyreek had more tackles in this game than Ramon Richards did!

• I like Mike Patrick — I won’t apologize

• In the second half it looked like we trusted our defensive line and put them on an island so that the linebackers could drop back and help the secondary. Call it the Ramon Richards Corollary.

• The helmets got all the talk during the game but OSU’s sock game was out of this world.

• OSU almost outgained WVU on offense so…yeah I don’t know what that means.

• This was bad.

• The 3rd and 18 on the goal line that WVU converted was so crushing. I know it didn’t end in points but you had a chance to flip the momentum (and the field) and failed to do it right there.

• The “can you put pepper spray on my sandwich” commercial makes me laugh. I won’t apologize.

• We are so awful at scoring. A homeschooler isn’t this bad at scoring.[1. I was homeschooled.]

• This is smart (and true).

• The announcing crew said Saturday was the hottest October 25th ever in Stillwater. I have no idea if that’s true but it sounds about right.

• Yikes.

• Why does Rudolph always have his helmet on? I always think he’s going in and I’m always fooled.

• Daxx should aim five feet in front of the feet of his receivers.

• What was up with the kicker false start? How was that not a penalty?

• After Saturday OSU and West Virginia are the only two teams in the country without a fumble recovery.

• This is not unexpected but still awesome.

• Teddy Johnson has OSU’s only offensive TD in the last 10 quarters. Let that one sink in (or don’t).

• The OSU-Texas game might end 5-4.

• Dana did all kinds of Dana things which was great (obviously). The backwards hat F-bomb might have been my favorite.

• Wait, no, it was this one.

• Not OSU related but this made me smile.

• This was great.

• Here is OSU’s season in six seconds.

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