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ESPN’s Paul Finebaum on Bedlam Split: ‘Nobody Cares. We’re Talking About Stillwater, Oklahoma’

Shocker: SEC loyalist sides with OU in Bedlam divorce.



[Jackson Lavarnway/PFB]

In a divorce, people always pick sides. So it should be no surprise that the SEC’s most mature devotee has lashed out against Mike Gundy, OSU and Stillwater following a viral video about the impending Bedlam split.

On Tuesday, Mike Gundy was of course asked about the long expected, but recently confirmed death of Bedlam which will occur once Oklahoma leaves for the SEC. He had some thoughts, he shared them and then said “let’s get back to talking about football.”

But the soundbites of course became viral and the nation’s talking heads of course picked the low-hanging fruit and decided to run with it. And no one appreciates that sweet, delicious treat like ESPN personality and SEC flag-waver Paul Finebaum.

On ESPN’s Get Up!, Mike Greenberg and Heather Dinich discussed Gundy’s comments from a more neutral stance, the latter citing discussions with both schools’ athletic directors on the practical reasons that the in-state rivalry would either end or face an extended hiatus. In the background, Finebaum hammed up his signature, performative smirk.

Despite Dinich citing both schools having already scheduled nonconference slates far into the future, Finebaum went the other way (a bit into leftfield), leaning on his strength for shallow slander. Eager to secure his own viral soundbite, Finebaum got down on one knee and grabbed the lowest-hanging apple he could find, plucked it and took a bite.

“Nobody cares,” said Finebaum. “We’re talking about Stillwater, Oklahoma. Mike Gundy hasn’t said anything significant since ‘I’m 40, I’m a man.’

“What he (Gundy) said yesterday is nonsensical. Oklahoma’s moving on. They’re going to be playing Alabama. They’ll still be playing Texas. They’ll be playing A&M and Georgia.

“This (Bedlam) is a nice, little game in a small state, but to the rest of the country … is giving it a big yawn this morning.”

The nice, little Bedlam game from last season averaged 6.5-million viewers, peaking at 7.7 million on ABC. Meanwhile, the premier SEC game in that time slot (Texas A&M at LSU) drew 2.4-million viewers on ESPN.

Here’s the full clip, including an equally grabby soundbite in which Finebaum indicates that Georgia was usurped Alabama as the SEC’s new big dog.

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