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Every Day a Learning Curve For New OL Larry Williams



Greg Adkins (I wanted to call him “Joe”) opened up his comments on spring ball with a real stunner of a statement recently.

“I don’t think we ever got real good at anything running the football last year,” said Adkins. Ray Charles could have told me that.

But there’s help on the way. Larry Williams has been the most-talked about JUCO recruit that could help buoy an offensive line that needs to be buoyed. Adkins said he’s cautiously optimistic about Williams’ development.

“For Larry being here basically four practices,” said Adkins. “He’s where a lot of these guys were at this point last year. Fundamentally and technique-wise he’s got a ways to go. He certainly has a gifted skill set we have to develop and harness. He’s learning a new language as we go.

“I think Larry’s situation is one that we’ve got to continue to harp on all the little things because he doesn’t know anything, so every day is a learning curve for him. But I like his attitude and I like where he’s at.”

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