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Father beats son for liking OU instead of OSU



Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Photo Attribution: US Presswire

No jokes for me on this one.

News 6 has the story:

According to a court document filed by a school resource officer with Perkins Police Department, the young boy told fellow classmates, his teacher, and DHS workers that his father whipped him with a paddle, and threw away all his OU gear for telling a boy he liked OU better than OSU.

It goes on…

In the affidavit, the young boy claimed his father forced him to eat soap, would often punch him in the nose and give him nosebleeds, and would repeatedly wake him in the middle of the night and make him perform boot camp drills inside the families Perkins home.

Turns out, you’ve actually heard of this man before.

Thayer Evans tabbed him two years ago as somebody who helped OSU players, including Justin Blackmon, break NCAA rules by giving them money for autographs and buying them food and drinks. The accusations never went any further than Evans’ keyboard.

Now the guy is beating his son for not liking Justin Blackmon’s successors.

Another weird twist to the story: the dude’s wife used to work in the OSU athletic department.

This is a really odd tale and this Mendez guy seems to have a knack for trouble.

As for the beating your kids over sports thing…pathetic.

Actually, beyond pathetic, it’s downright reprehensible.

UPDATED: Samantha Vicent weighed in…

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