Father beats son for liking OU instead of OSU

Written by Kyle Porter
Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Photo Attribution: US Presswire

No jokes for me on this one.

News 6 has the story:

According to a court document filed by a school resource officer with Perkins Police Department, the young boy told fellow classmates, his teacher, and DHS workers that his father whipped him with a paddle, and threw away all his OU gear for telling a boy he liked OU better than OSU.

It goes on…

In the affidavit, the young boy claimed his father forced him to eat soap, would often punch him in the nose and give him nosebleeds, and would repeatedly wake him in the middle of the night and make him perform boot camp drills inside the families Perkins home.

Turns out, you’ve actually heard of this man before.

Thayer Evans tabbed him two years ago as somebody who helped OSU players, including Justin Blackmon, break NCAA rules by giving them money for autographs and buying them food and drinks. The accusations never went any further than Evans’ keyboard.

Now the guy is beating his son for not liking Justin Blackmon’s successors.

Another weird twist to the story: the dude’s wife used to work in the OSU athletic department.

This is a really odd tale and this Mendez guy seems to have a knack for trouble.

As for the beating your kids over sports thing…pathetic.

Actually, beyond pathetic, it’s downright reprehensible.

UPDATED: Samantha Vicent weighed in…


  • Jheri Curl

    That’s crazy. As much as a non-fan I am of the Land Thieves this is reprehensible. Stay classy, oSu fans, leave the SMH type incidents to fans of other schools.

  • Chris

    My six year old told me she was going to OU. I told her she’d be paying for it herself, but that’s as far as I took it.

    Doesn’t really like like the house of a big booster either.

  • Aaron Snith

    He isn’t beating the son over OU/OSU, that is just an excuse. He is beating the boy because he feels inadequate and using force on the boy is his way of demonstrating his power and enhancing his self esteem.
    I know I grew up in that kind of home. He needs help, SERIOUS HELP NOW.

  • Brett P.

    Ever heard of due process? Or are you so obsessed with page views that putting a headline completely jumping to a conclusion is better than responsible reporting?

    • Jimbo

      Well – its a hell of a thing for the kid to make up. I agree that it may be a rush to judgement but it is a really sad story.

  • Troy

    Brett P, it is not jumping to conclusions when the police have an affidavit stating that his father beat him after he told someone he liked OU more than OSU.

  • Cari

    Why would a Mother leave her son in that home?

  • Cydney

    Please don’t believe everything you read. The circumstances of this story are not publicly known and the media is not covering the entire story. The child that reported the abuse was recently adopted out of DHS foster homes. The child went through many, many foster homes and has a history of reporting this type of thing. What the real story should be is why DHS leaves children so long with biological parents that clearly abuse these children so badly that they are unable to function in a normal home.

  • Will Cosner

    This is how I grew up. I mean thats how it was when I grew up and Im a relatively young man.