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Five teams OSU basketball should play next year




Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

OSU is loaded in basketball, you already know this. And I’m mentally preparing myself to hear the term “loaded” 292,000 times in the next seven months when describing this OSU basketball team. In fact, I might eschew that word in favor of something less traditional. How does “this team is drunk on talent” sound? How about “this team is full of highly skilled American basketball players”?

OK, “loaded” it is.

On Wednesday, Kentucky (perennially “loaded”) released its non-conference schedule. It includes Michigan State, Baylor, Carolina, and Louisville.


That got me thinking about five matchups I’d love to see OSU pursue for the non-con portion of their schedule  this season. I get tired of the SE Louisianas and Tennessee Technicals of the world. There’s really no point in playing those teams, especially with the squad you have coming back. Let’s fill the beginning of December – middle of January entertainment void with these five games.

OSU – Creighton – Give me that Douggy McD-Marcus Smart matchup and give it to me in Oklahoma City. It’s not a neutral site but it’s not bad. Bring down Wichita State too and let them play OU and then let the winners play and losers play the next day. You can call it the All-College or the All-Pistolsguy or whatever you want, let’s just do it.

OSU – OSU – Heck, throw Oregon State in too and we can have a little round robin weekend for the battle of best OSU in the country. Winner gets to be called THE _____________ State University for the entire season. Losers must take on Greg Paulus as an assistant for life.

OSU-Michigan – Selfishly I’d like this game just so I’d have an excuse to post the entire Fab 5 documentary video on PFB. OSU lost to the Fab 5 in the ’92 Tournament then lost to Michigan again in the ’97 NIT. OSU is 1-2 all-time against the Wolverines and with Mitch McGary and Big Dog III coming back (plus the incomparable Nik Stauskus (see below) and heat-checking Spike Albrecht) they’re going to be great next year.

OSU-Duke – I’m not sure why but I’ve always wanted a home-and-home with Duke. Preferably home next year when we can take them then a sacrificial appearance at Cameron Indoor in 2014.

OSU-UCLA – A matchup of coaches who can’t win an NCAA Tournament game! Seriously though, how much fun would a home-and-home be with UCLA at Pauley and GIA? ‘Bazz is gone but Marcus Smart vs. Jordan Adams and Kyle Anderson vs. Markel and Le’Bryan would be just divine.

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