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Five Thoughts On The FSU Game



Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Photo Attribution: US Presswire

1. I ride with Gundy in that I think scheduling non-conference powerhouses is a pretty dumb way to play the system[1. I keep hearing the “but it brings in a ton of money” argument…since when have we worried about that??], but if you’re going to play a big one on a neutral field — this is about as good as it gets.

2. Jimmy Sexton is the agent for both Gundy and Jimbo Fisher and, as you all have noticed, he has become notorious for going to the salary database well quite often in any given off-season. He’s going to rent out like 10 suites from Jerry and make the jumbotron operator play this clip over and over again during the game…


3. We’re 100% sure this won’t be a conference game by 2014, right?

4. A point that nobody has mentioned yet: in 95% of seasons, OSU isn’t going to have a realistic shot at the national championship anyway, right[2. If Holder had scheduled this game last year he would have deserved a 3-wood to his knees on the range at Karsten…and yet it still wouldn’t have mattered, though you could argue that it would have mattered if the four-team playoff would have been in place like it will be next year.]? So why not play a sweet game like this? It doesn’t hurt your chances of winning the Big 12 and it makes for some great theater.

I’m not contradicting my point from #1 because I still think it’s a dumb thing to do if your goals are Gundy’s goals (winning it all), but is that realistic for us? No…so let’s go ahead and play the thing. It’s way better than most bowl games anyway.

5. It’s too bad Mark Stoops bounced for Lexington this year — I was looking forward to Mike giving him pointers on how to stop our offense.


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