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Former Cowboy Wrestler Jordan Oliver Challenges Zain Retherford



Jordan Oliver recently met the requirements of his USADA suspension and has been allowed to start wrestling again.

He took out Olympic champion Togrhul Asgharov a few months ago and wrestled this last weekend in Poland.

He now knows who he wants to wrestle next and he’s not shy about it. Oliver called out three-time NCAA champion, Hodge trophy winner, and recent Penn State grad Zain Retherford on just about every social media outlet available.

The event he’s referring to when he says “WNO” is Who’s Number One. It’s basically FloWrestling’s kickoff to the high school season. It’s a big event where they try and match up the top two wrestlers at every high school weight to determine “Who’s No. 1” at each weight class. A couple OSU prospects will be wrestling in it to include Jace Luchau, Brevin Balmaceda, Carson Kharchla and others.

This would be an added exhibition bout between two of the bigger names in the sport. Oliver obviously wants it and I’ve spoken with some of the guys at Flo and they’re all for adding it as a part of “Who’s No. 1.”

I guess the ball is in Retherford’s court now. It will be interesting to see if it goes down. I’ll be tuning in either way, but I’m sure a few more eyeballs would be on this event if this match does happen.