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Fowler spot is one of the 10 best SportsCenter commercials ever

Our favorite SportsCenter commercials.



Well it is according to the extreme biases of myself and @nolancox.

We came up with our list of the 10 best SportsCenter commercials ever and Fowler’s definitely makes the cut.

1. SVP and steroids

SVP showing why he’s the best in the biz. This was back when the steroid controversy consumed the MLB which makes it even better (NC).

2. Iffy Griffey

This was by far my favorite SC commercial growing up. Also, should be noted this is when SportsCenter was actually great and not just highly paid actors yelling at each other for money. It had great writing and witty personalities delivering great performances every night (KP).

3. Soccer flopping

I recently ranked soccer just behind basketball when a buddy of mine asked what my favorite pro sports are to watch. In my opinion, soccer just has one big problem, but this commercial does a phenomenal job of poking fun of it. I bet the guys at the office were all lined up to be in this one (NC).

4. Papi Yankees hat

This just destroys me. I think the expression (or lack of) on the mascot’s face just puts it over the top for me. Laugh out loud funny (KP).

5. Arnold Palmer

Until this came out, when I wanted an Arnold Palmer, I would get sweet tea then top it off with some lemonade and stir it with a straw. Needless to say, after watching this commercial, I’ve made my Arnold Palmers differently ever since (NC).

6. Y2K

One of the original greats. In fact, maybe the one SC commercial that started the sort of cult following they now have. “Follow me to freedom” line is too much (KP).

7. Eisen boxing

Not many people probably remember this one, but Rich Eisen is great in it. This is the most underrated SportsCenter commercial I’ve ever seen. I love how he goes from being soaked to looking normal in like 2 seconds (NC).

8. Donovan red card

Most of my favorite lines/movies/songs/books/whatever are the most simple and understated. This one is a classic example of that (KP).

9. Color blind Fowler

I tried not to rank this one too high because it’s new and I’m obviously biased, but it’s hilarious. I think Rickie probably gets a hard time for his outfits (and for good reason), so it’s nice to see him have a sense of humor about it. The OSU mug doesn’t hurt either (NC).

10. Van Pelt nicknames

“Guys are always clownin’ you know.” Peterson is so intense and Van Pelt is so dry, the combination is just sublime (KP).

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