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Friday Giveaways: Coffee, Books, Gift Cards, PFB+

Come win something from us!



It’s Friday, which means it’s time to give some stuff away.

This week, we bumped things up a notch and created a book giveaway thread. Literally all you have to do for all of these is follow the instructions, leave the right comment and hope your number gets drawn on Friday. Here’s where you can enter.

Coffee from Hoboken
$50 gift card from Chris’
PFB+ subscription
PFB store credit
One book of my choice

I added the book thread because — come to find out — we aren’t reading as much as we should be during this pandemic! We’re doing this giveaways for a number of reasons, but here are the three most prominent.

1. We want to be kind and generous during a difficult time.
2. We want folks to participate in our forum.
3. We want to support our sponsors.

Thank you guys for entering, and best of luck on winning!

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