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Hundreds of you have signed up to get the Daily Bullets in your inbox, and our group is up to over 1,500 now. That's awesome, and we appreciate everybody who is getting the Bullets and reading them in their email (you can see an example what we send out every morning right here).

But why would I read a shortened version of the Bullets in my email when I could just read the actual Bullets online? You might be asking. It's a good question. The first reason is because it's delivered to you at a place you already are. You don't have to go anywhere. They're just ... there ... every morning.

Also, the Bullets via email is meant as a type of cheat sheet for the day. If you don't have time to parse through all the OSU news for a given day on our site, you can at least hit the top three headlines (which we include).

The other reason -- which we haven't made super public -- is that we're going to send you other fun stuff via email, too. We've already done so and will do so again throughout 2019. It's our way of saying thank you to you for giving us so much of your time.

So subscribe below and get involved with what PFB is up to in 2019!

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