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ULL Facts that Probably Slipped Bayou (editor’s note: I did not approve this pun)

It was quickly made clear to me that fans of Coach DeForest’s alma mater prefer a title other than the University of Louisiana-Lafayette. In 1984, the school attempted to have its name changed from University of Southwest Louisiana to University of Louisiana, but a district court shot that down and they became the University at Louisiana-Lafayette in 1999. I can’t tell you what is or isn’t official, but for the sake of this post I’ll grant them their wish and refer to them as the Louisiana (UL) Ragin Cajuns.

There’s a list below of notable Louisiana alumni, but these two men earned the right to a separate paragraph. Steven L. Bennett and Jefferson J. DeBlanc both earned the Medal of Honor for their heroics while serving our country in the military. Captain Bennett risked his own life to protect a friendly unit from an enemy attack, then sacrificed his life so the observer flying with him could survive. During WWII, DeBlanc shot down nine Japanese planes in the Pacific before evacuating his aircraft in enemy territory. Take a few minutes to read the full citations of Medal of Honor for Bennett and DeBlanc.

UL L̶a̶f̶a̶y̶e̶t̶t̶e̶ seems to be a target for concept hijackers. When I tell you that Q, Pistols Guy and I took a football road trip to the Swamp, you know we went to Gainesville. Apparently, the Ragin Cajuns slapped that label on their Cajun Field before the Gators snatched it up without anyone outside of the southern Louisiana parish noticing. I’m sure it’s safe to say we’ve all seen a “GEAUX TIGERS” or “GEAUX SAINTS” sign in the past few years. Outside the Pelican State, I doubt many are aware the “GEAUX CAJUNS” phrase existed before LSU and New Orleans decided to adopt the creative pun. Seems as though that’s not all the Saints pillaged from the Cajuns, as I was told by a UL fan they were at one time the only team to represent a fleur-de-lis on the team helmet. They claim to still have the largest Louisiana flag to display at games. Shhhh…don’t tell the folks down I-10.

Random Cajun facts:
Theta pond pretty ducks.
Cypress Lake has alligators.

Point – UL

Don’t get me wrong, I love some coconut-crusted chicken from Thai Café, but Lafayette won the Rand McNally/USA Today contest for Best Small Town for Food and I’m not arguing.

Disclaimer: None of the facts stated above increases the Ragin Cajuns’ chance for an upset on September 3rd.

Notable UL Ragin Cajun alumni:
Ali Landry – Miss USA in 1996, however you might know her as the “Doritos Girl”

Richard Simmons – Should this be something they’re proud of?

Joe DeForest “DeFo” – OSU Assistant Head Coach & Special Teams Coach

Jake Delhomme – Quarterback; currently with the Cleveland Browns

Brandon Stokely – Wide Receiver. He recently agreed to contract terms with the Washington Redskins for this 13th NFL season, but backed out shortly after. My guess is he saw Rex Grossman’s name at the top of the depth chart at QB and realized nobody deserves to end a career in such a fashion.

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