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Getting It Started (Part II)



NCAA Football: Kansas State at Oklahoma StatePhoto Attribution: US Presswire

Yesterday we looked at five stories I’m excited about for the upcoming season. Why stop there though[1. Does Dana stop at five Red Bulls? No, and neither will I.], here are five more narratives to keep an eye on over the next four months.

6. What do we get from Lunt – We don’t need the world but he can’t be Bobby Reid 2.0 either. I’m still a little stunned Gundy rolled the dice with him. If you go Chelf you pretty much know what you’re getting: 245 yards a game, 3-1 TD-INT ratio, some solid leadership, an 8-4 or 9-3 record. With Lunt though…the variance is so much greater. Could you go 6-6? I guess, but you could also be looking at 11-1 or 10-2 and another Big 12 title. It’s the great unknown and the hinge upon which OSU’s season rests. I can’t wait to watch it unfold.

7. Is Bedlam backJosh Heupel recently said Bedlam is a rivalry after last year. I’m not sure the snark is necessary but he’s essentially correct. House the pre-season conference favorite en route (and rout) to your first Big 12 title and put at least a seed of doubt in ‘ol Bobby’s dome about the next few years and Bedlam is definitely back. There aren’t a lot of years (I can count all of them on one hand) where I thought OSU was going into Norman to get a W[2. And this always, ALWAYS ended very badly.] but I actually feel pretty decent about it this season[3. Somebody email me this post in early November when we’re a 22-point dog going into that game and Lunt is hovering at 53% on the season with 33 picks.].

8. What do the new guys offer – This is what happens when you start building a national program, to remain relevant you have to plug new faces in and expect them to perform immediately. And OSU is rather dependent on its newbies this year. Wes Lunt, C.J. Curry, Blake Jackson, Calvin Barnett, and potentially Victor Irokansi, Blake Webb, Jeremiah Tshimanga, Kevin Peterson, Shamiel Gary, and Jhajuan Seales. They don’t have to be All-Big 12 players but for another dream season, OSU needs a lot from all of them.

9. Is Gundy the new Big 12 media darling – The torch is being passed as Mack rolls into the sunset (cheerleading contingent in tow) and I’m pretty sure Gundy is the one seizing it. Patterson and Stoops are too closed off, Weis and Tuberville too irrelevant, Mack and Snyder are too old, and Dana’s too crazy. That leaves Briles, Rhoads, and Gundy and if Gundy keeps piling up wins it’s going to be a no-brainer. Thayer Evans columns aside, it feels like the national (and local media) are falling for the former signal-caller. I think this year goes a long way in seeing how authentic the love is.

10. Are the scheduling gods still with us – Last year the lightning bolts of Zeus struck pretty much every school[3. The only lightning OSU had to dodge was literal and happened in Tulsa on a Sunday morning.] but OSU[4. Again, WE chose to move a routine Saturday game to the always-dice Friday night time slot, WE CHOSE THAT! That’s on you, Holder!! Clearly I’ve moved on….] as the season wore on.

At Texas during the day, no night game in Lubbock, prime time Bedlam, Baylor at home against Griffin for the third straight time, so on and so forth. On paper this year isn’t bad either, but will that hold up when TV times and schedules come out? K-State at night in Manhattan would be hell. Ditto for Baylor. OU is going to be hell regardless. Other than that though, it’s breezy, Friday night games be damned.

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