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GIA always sucks me back in

Basketball starts in just a few weeks. Are you ready?




I am an addict.

When the person in control of the organization you love is actively running that organization into the ground — no matter the intent — the rational response is to stop devoting time and energy to that organization until a change is made.

And yet…

I watched the Homecoming & Hoops video from Friday night (start it at 43:30) and I couldn’t wait for the first tip on the white maple here in a few weeks.

Nothing sucks me in like that place does — and so every year she is the catalyst for me talking myself into OSU being at least better than it was the year before.

But…Ewing Theory!

But…the “Nobody Believes In Us” Theory!

Yep, I’m in.

We’ll get cranking with the basketball preview later on this week as I try to convince you (not to mention myself) how a rim protector (Cobbins Chamberlain), a sinewy swing guard (Hammonds), a new pass first (?) point guard (Hickey), and Forte will build around a potential Big 12 player of the year (Nash) to form Travis Ford’s best squad yet.

(this is not a satirical post)

Really, I’m stoked about this season — I can’t help myself. No matter the coaching incompetence, no matter the ushering out of former stars, no matter who comes and goes and which fans stay or leave, one thing remains.

One shadowy, brick-built, monster on the east side of Boone’s stadium.

I was scrolling through my texts the other day looking for a book recommendation OKC Dave sent me a few months ago and I came across this:

Dave (at 11:12 a.m. on Mar. 1) — “Talk me out of funding college for my two kids on Kansas +1.”

Me: “I hope Sager is housing Gatorade right now.”

Dave (at 10:15 p.m. on Mar. 1) — “Delete this morning’s exchange. GIA!!!”

GIA!!! indeed.

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