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Giveaway Friday: PFB+, Gear and Hoboken Coffee

We’re all in this together, let’s get through it together.



Good morning, it’s Friday (I think?) and we have a lot of stuff to give away today. From PFB+ subscriptions to Hoboken Coffee, you can enter to win four different giveaways just by commenting on any of the threads right here in our forum.

Each thread is unique — on one you simply write your favorite OSU athlete, on another you have to screenshot a review you left on our podcast, but all are easy to enter and free to win. If you haven’t registered with PFB, you’ll have to do so first (for free) right here to comment on the threads.

Our hope in doing this is myriad.

First, we want to continue to build up our forum community (which has been a lot of fun during these pandemic times). Second, we want to support our sponsors (like Chris’ University Spirit and Hoboken). Third, we had people approach us offering to buy PFB+ subs for other folks (awesome!). Fourth, we want to be generous during a weird, difficult time. One of our core values is kindness, and this is a good time to try and live that out.

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